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Makita BO4556 Palm-Sander Review

Makita Palm Sander review

Whether you are a professional decorator or simply a DIY handyman interested in woodworking, a good, clean polished finish is always desirable from your woodwork. Most of you would say owning the best disc sanders may do the trick. That is why we present to you this Makita BO4556 Palm Sander review for your convenience.

Starting with selling and repairing lighting, motors and transformers over a century ago, Makita Corporation has grown into one of the most trusted makers of power tools. In line with the reputation, Makita offers you the BO4556 Palm Sander for your sanding and polishing ease.

In this Makita BO4556 Palm Sander review, we will try to show you why buying this palm/disc sander may become your favorite woodworking partner. Let us guide you through the contents of this Makita Palm Sander review.

Makita BO4556 Palm-Sander Overview

Many would say the best disc sanders should be able to give the wood they are working of a clean, smooth finish with as little hassle as possible; no matter how rough the wood may be. The Makita BO4556 Palm Sander gives you a lush, luxuriant finish with its all-ball-bearing construction.

Plus, it does not make a mess, and thanks to its through-the-pad dust collecting system! It is also suitable for one-handed operation. Its slimline body design gives it an easy grip, and its conveniently placed on/off switch allows you to simply flick it off without even lifting your other hand.

Feature Analysis

1. Slimline Body

The Makita BO4556 Palm Sander features a sleek, slim design that allows the user to have an easy-grip. This is helpful for one-handed use of the tool as it fits your palm wonderfully, a pleasing feature for any user in most power tools.

2. Through-the-pad dust collection system

Using its efficient through-the-pad dust collection system, the Makita BO4556 Palm Sander makes sanding a much cleaner work, with holes in the middle that sucks up saw dust debris and guide them to the dust bag attached to it.

3. Non-skid elastomer coated surface

To prevent skid and slip, the machine uses several rubber-backed rugs or stick-on strips. But, these are some short-term options and would become a hazard over time. But this surface makes it entirely resistant to skidding or slipping, eliminating risks of injuries from slipping.

4. Easy-to-use paper clamps

More dependable on sticky surfaces, paper clamps make sure the sandpaper stays securely locked in and keeps the process of installing the paper quick and easy.


  • Product Dimensions 4.9 x 8.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.43 pounds
  • Color Teal
  • Item Model Number BO4556
  • Part Number BO4556
  • Voltage 240 volts


  • Low vibration and low noise
  • A great tool for a no-mess environment
  • Easy-to-operate paper clamp
  • Fits your palm just right


  • No variable speed. Single speed of 14,000 RPM

Final Verdict

As you have read in this Makita Palm Sander review, the Makita BO4556 Palm Sander is a disc sander of comfort and convenience.

It not only gets the job of giving your woodwork the finishing you want, but you also get to do it with all the ease you could possibly ask for, and with as little mess as possible, making your environment more breathable.

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