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Wen 6301 Detailing Electric Palm Sander Review

Wen 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander Reviewed

How is your woodworking going? Are you getting the best results or falling short of something? If yes, then it might be a detail palm sander you are falling short of because often DIY projects fail to get the proper wood sanding. There is Wen 6301 detail sander which runs at a great speed and helps to get a perfect finish. You may ask, will it be appropriate for my projects?

Wen 6301 is a small tool, and it has got an orbital speed of 13500 which is really great for a tool like this. For your small DIY project, it will work nicely. It has got a mouse-shaped sanding pad which is helpful to reach the inner corners. Now, let’s check, how will it respond to the whole project.

WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander Explained

Users often get stuck with their sanding machine when it comes to sanding the corners. The smaller construction of WEN 6301 gives the advantage to reach every corner easily. For a small DIY project, it seems to be very efficient as it reaches the corners pretty easily and gets the best sanding all over the wood piece. How much speed do you need from a sanding tool? With this Wen electric palm sander, you will be able to enjoy 13500 OPM which is mind-blowing. You will find it really helpful for your DIY projects. There is no hassle with the sanding paper also.

For its simple Velcro sanding pad, the attachment of sanding paper becomes simple. You just need to manage the perfect size. This hook and loop base pad make it one of the best palm sander for users as there is no extra hassle. Its simplicity and effectiveness will bound you to forget about the cordless palm sander. If you check other palm sanders like a porter cable palm sander, it would not be less efficient anyway.

Whom Is This WEN 6301 For?

It’s a sanding tool with a smaller sanding pad. So, you will need a smaller sanding paper, and that can be a reason to slow you down a bit. For this reason, it’s better to apply this tool against smaller wood projects. Therefore, it might not be a great tool for professional use, and also you need to keep in mind that this kind of small sanding tool is great for sanding the inner corners.


  • Product Dimensions: 3.8ʺ x 5.2ʺ x 6ʺ
  • Item Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Pad size: 3.75ʺ x 5.5ʺ
  • Style: Detailing
  • Item model number: 6301
  • Speed: 13500 OPM
  • Amperage: 1 amp
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Warranty Description: 1-year parts and labor


  • Lightweight
  • A great palm sander with great speed
  • Small in size reaches the corners easily
  • Lower price suitable for DIY uses
  • No hassle to store and carry


  • It will take time if you try sanding a big wood piece with it

Common Questions and Answers

Question: Which sandpaper would do better on this WEN 6301 palm sander?

Answer: Firstly, you need mouse sandpaper. There are few manufacturers of this shape sandpaper. Black and Decker, Generic and Wen also have this kind of sandpaper. What you need to check is the size. If the size matches, then it’s ok to go with any brand.

Question: How about using the regular sandpaper on this tool?

Answer: Not a bad idea, but the problem is you will not be able to take advantage of its dust collection holes.

Our Remarks

When working with a wood piece sanding is essential. Sanding the corners often become hard with the regular sanding tools. When you have a mouse shaped angled tip sanding base, it becomes simple to reach all the corners and have the perfect finish. Here Wen 6301 proves it worthy though it hasn’t got the power and sturdy construction like the other electric palm sander. You will enjoy the detailed sanding with the Wen palm sander.

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