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Best Palm Sander-PORTER CABLE 380 Review

PORTER-CABLE 380 Orbital Finish Palm Sander

A hand sander is a lightweight tool that is simple to control with one hand. Compared to the other sander, it’s quiet. Orbital Finish Palm Sander PORTER CABLE 380 1/4 Sheet is the same kind of tool that makes the sanding job really comfortable. Can you really count on it for your next DIY project? Let’s check it out. This type of hand sanders is suitable for smooth wood sanding, give the sharp edges a round shape, sanding off the hardwood putty, taking off the dried coating of paint or varnish. A point to be noted that this type of tool is not the ideal one to remove heavy stock.

Porter Cable 380 Palm Sander Explained

This kind of hand sanders with a square sanding surface are often called quarter-sheet sanders because of the standard 9×11-inch sandpaper. Three spring-loaded clamps hold the sanding paper against the sander’s flat, square pad. Here the pad vibrates in an orbital system which, allows you to move the sander in any direction.

PORTER-CABLE Palm Sander has the OPM of 13,500 that leads a user to sand any heavy wood piece. Though it has got great speed, you won’t feel fatigue for its brilliant counterbalance technology. It becomes the best finishing sander with it’s usability to a user. With its lightweight structure, it becomes a convenient hand sander to work within your space. It might not be a suitable power tool to help you in a heavy surface clearing which is common talk in orbital sander reviews, but it has the ability to clear the sharp edges and give nice lucrative shape.

Whom Is Porter Cable 380 Palm Sander For?

Woodworking is an art that needs to be polished. PORTER-CABLE 380 comes with the feature to make the wood pieces smooth with its square sanding surface. It’s less noisy. So, it’s more user-friendly than the orbital sander. This kind of sheet sander just vibrates in a moderate rhythm, and the sanding paper set on the machine does the sanding work. After using this kind of quarter sander, you will enjoy making the sharp edges smooth in seconds with a random orbital sander it’s quite impossible.


  • Product Dimensions 5.8 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Item weight 2.3 pounds
  • Part Number 380
  • Motor Amperage 2.0 Amp
  • Speed 13,500 OPM
  • Power Source Corded-electric
  • Head Style Flat
  • Measurement System Metric
  • Included Components Sheet finish sander
  • Warranty 3 years limited warranty


  • Dust protected switch runs for longer
  • Powerful motor with great speed helps to get a superior finish
  • Dual plane, palm sander
  • Counterbalanced and low-vibration design helps to reduce user fatigue
  • Lightweight tool comfortable to use


  • There is a chance to leave scratch when you use sheet orbital palm sander
  • Might not an ideal tool for heavy stock removal

Our Remarks

Hand sanders can be manual and automatic. It’s a tool that has to be in a sanders corner. Porter Cable makes it an obvious tool to keep in the collection with its features. Great speed with low vibration makes it an obvious choice for any of the woodworker. Its ergonomic design with smart dust clearing system makes the working really enjoying for any of us. What you might feel short is the disability to clear the heavy layer of color coatings and other material.


Question : I am thinking of renovating the kitchen cabinets would this model be helpful?
Answer : Why not? It can easily work for any kind of woodwork.

Question : How about using self-adhesive sandpaper with this Porter-Cable tool?
Answer : I think using adhesive is not a good idea. You have the clips with a tool to set the sandpaper. Use larger sandpaper to attach to the clip and start sanding.

Question : Does this come with a Case nor bag?
Answer : No case with the package to keep the tool safe from any impact.

Question : Is there any difference any difference between a sander like this and random orbit sander? When and where to use them?
Answer : Both are doing the same but in a different way. When you need to sand a thick layer, it’s better to use an orbital sander. This kind sheet orbital sander is not capable of sanding deep for you, but with it, it becomes easier to sand the edges. To avoid scratches, orbital sanders are great.

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