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Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review With Cloth Dust Bag

Makita 9403 Belt Sander With Cloth Dust Bag

Has it been a long you haven’t taken care of your large wooden picnic table? The Makita 9403 belt sander runs at a great speed. On a large wood piece, a belt sander can be really handy. Will it be enough to give a fresh look to your old furniture? This 9403 model of Makita belt sander is a combination of power and speed. That’s how Makita describes it. We believe they have enough reasons to claim this for this 4 x 24 belt sander. Let’s check out whether this Makita hand planer can prove itself or not.

Whom Is Makita 9403 Belt Sander For?

A belt sander is always effective for flat surfaces like wooden doors and furniture. Not only the wood pieces it can also be effective on metal items, but you have to select right grit sandpaper. You will need the finer sanding paper for sanding the metal objects. So, you can see this kind of belt sander with all its advantages can help the wood and metal worker to some great extent.

Makita Belt Sander Explained

For a belt sander, the size of the belt is a very important fact. Almost everything relies on it. Makita 9403 uses a 4×24 belt. Depending on the kind of job the grit size can differ. The manufacturer serves an 80 grit sanding paper with the package for the convenience of the user. This 4 inch belt sander has got an 11-amp motor which is really rare between the belt sanders. With the help of this powerful motor, this tool can achieve a great speed of 1460 ft/min. With this kind of insane speed, you need better control for completing the jobs perfectly. That’s why Makita came up with the idea of large front grip for better control, and ultimately it leads to better performance.

To work with this kind of speedy tool the noise level is a great concern. According to the manufacturer, it generates an 84 dB level noise. We feel that’s pretty high for a sound work environment. You need to take proper safety measures for working without any impact directly on your body and health. It might have a powerful motor, but it’s completely ok to use it for your DIY projects at the backyards as it uses the standard 120-volt system.

This is completely a user-friendly package which includes an 80 grit sanding paper and a cloth dust bag. The dust bag saves your time and effort, and it helps you to work for more hours. You may need a Makita repair after using the tool for a while. The tool is backed by a 1-year warranty for user convenience. Within the time limit, all the belt sander parts are under manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Product Dimensions 16.1ʺ x 8.9ʺ x 9.8ʺ
  • Item Weight 13 lbs
  • Sand Belt Size 4ʺx 24ʺ
  • Item Model Number 9403
  • Belt Speed 1640 ft/min
  • Voltage 115 volt
  • Amperage 11 amp
  • Power Source Corded-Electric
  • Sound Level 84 dB
  • Includes Dust Bag and 80 Grit Abrasive Belt
  • Warranty 1 year


  • A powerful tool with a fast sanding
  • Wide belt helpful to work comfortably
  • The large front grip gives better control over the tool
  • 360˚ swivel of the dust bag convenient for working at any position
  • The design is suitable for sanding flush to the wall with the nose and side of sander


  • The belt is not plain enough to sand perfectly in the middle
  • The noise level is a concern, need to protect the ears

Our Remarks

Makita USA does not only deals with the sanding tool they have got a huge product line for various tools. They have got the reputation to satisfy the users. This belt sander with its highly efficient 11 amp motor and great speed will surely able to satisfy any user. No doubt, it will be an excellent addition to any sanders corner. This Makita 9403 review will surely help you to make the decision whether it will be helpful for you or not. We are hoping you to enjoy the sanding jobs with Makita belt sander.


Question : Can I use this Makita 9403 upside down?
Answer : No, this model does not support it to set upside down. If possible, it would have been great to use.

Question : What voltage do I need to run this tool?
Answer : 115 volts is required to run this tool.

Question : How fast the belt runs?
Answer : It runs at a great speed of 1640 ft/min.

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