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Best Variable Speed Vonhaus Random Orbital Sander Review

Variable Speed Vonhaus Random Orbital Sander Review

When you are planning to sand any large wood piece what comes into your find first? For me, it’s a Vonhaus random orbital sander. With this kind of tool, sanding becomes really easy and comfortable. Moreover, when you have a Vonhaus random orbital sander with a 5-inch sanding pad and speed-controlling dialing knob to make the tool more efficient. Let’s check if is it going to be a helpful one for your next DIY project.

VonHaus Random Orbital Sander Explained

You may ask what you found intriguing in this random orbit sander. There is plenty of features that you can talk about in this tool. Before working, you have to set the sanding paper to how hard it is? Vonhaus uses Velcro on the sanding pad which helps the users to attach the sanding paper without any support. Also, you can simply pull off the sanding paper easily. This kind of simple setup is really helpful to work efficiently.

The sanding pad contains holes to soak up all the sanding dust and stores at the dust bag. While working on a big project, you need to keep the dust bag load free in order to have the full functionality of the dust collection unit. Also, the dust bag may pop off suddenly when it gets full. So, you need to be careful with it.

Not only the dust collection that you can talk about this unit. It can help you with gaining speed up to 13000 RPM which is really great. Also, there is the speed dialing knob to make sure you have the full control over the crafts. There is a 6-speed adjustment to help a user. The speed adjustment is helpful to work on various objects and parts with this same tool. You are also getting 5 round shaped sanding sheet that contains holes. So, you can just unpack and start working. You will need a healthy wrist to work with this tool because it’s a bit on the heavier side to operate one-handed. Also, the grip is not suitable to work with both the hand, but you find the rubberized grip, comfortable as you feel less of the vibration and it helps to avoid the numbness of the hand.

Whom Is This Product For?

VonHaus uses the random orbit process to sand any surface. You will find it really helpful to sand large wooden surfaces. To remove heavy stock from furniture, random orbit sander works nicely. You will be able to move this machine comfortably for its ergonomic handle design. For this reason, the stock removing task becomes easier.

Thinking about the speed level? At the highest level, you will be able to gain up to 13000 RPM, and the speed dial knob gives the users the flexibility to control speed when needed. With this kind of speed level, it becomes easier, and the highest speed helps you to get the larger sanding projects done in a short period.


  • Dimensions: 9.5ʺ x 6.3ʺ x 4.7ʺ
  • Item Weight: 3.65 lbs
  • Sanding Pad Size: 5ʺ
  • Sanding Style: Random Orbit Sander
  • Speed: Up to 13000 RPM
  • Part Number: 15/398US
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 350 watts
  • Included Components: Sanding Pads, Dust Extraction, Collection Box, Power Cable


  • Superb dust collection
  • A powerful tool able to give an output of 350 watts
  • Ergonomic design helpful to work on
  • Easy to work on larger objects
  • Works faster and allows the user to set speed according to the need


  • Heavy tool to work with someone having joint problems

Our Remarks

When you need to sand a large wood piece, you need to try a random orbital sander, and the Vonhaus variable speed sanders provide you a better control using its speed adjustments. Unlike many other orbital sander pads, Vonhaus uses the Velcro sanding pad for easy pull on and pull off of the sanding papers. So, there is no reason to feel any hassle. For its simplicity, it’s the best random orbit sander which can help you to reach the target easily.

Common Questions and Answers

Question: How it controls the speed and how fast it can run?

Answer: There is a speed dial in this orbit sander to control the speed. At the highest speed, it can run up to 13000 RPM. The dial is numbered 1 to 5.

Question: Does this tool provide the punch machine to create a hole in the sanding paper?

Answer: Sorry, you need to buy the punch machine separately. Also, you can buy the sanding paper that with holes.

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