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Goplus Electric Hand Sander 710W Review

Goplus electric hand sander 710W

Several reasons are behind the popularity of this electric hand sander, and one of the primary benefits you can receive from it is its suction function that lets you leave the worries about removing dust and powdery debris after a sanding operation is finished.

Goplus 710W Electric Hand Sander is suitable for a wide range of lime surfaces like the ceiling, corridor, interior, and exterior walls. No expert guidance is required for the operation since it is easy to operate, and you can expect a great finishing job in most cases.

You will receive six pieces of round sandpapers with the different force of frictions. It is a sign of versatility; one thing that many disc sanders these days do not have. The black round button on the machine offers you a flexible control without requiring your fingers to press the switch every time.

Feature Analysis

1. Variable Speed From 800 RPM to 2400 RPM

You need different speed to work on different surfaces. And the Goplus electric hand sander surely helps you in this matter with its variable speed. You can choose what speed you need and work smoothly.

2. Unique Dust Reduction Design

We have seen many complains in other Goplus electric hand sander 710W Review on how dust can be a problem. But thankfully this machine comes with a dust reduction technique. Saving your eyes from excessive dust.

3. Semi-Adjustable LED Light

An adjustable LED light is perfectly placed on the face of the sander. It helps you to accurately sand the wall in a low light condition. It also helps when there is too much dust outburst.

4. Quick Finger Release

Well, this is another great feature that pops out in every other Goplus electric hand sander 710W Review. The machine stops as soon as you release your fingers from the grip. This ultimately helps you to get more control over the product.

5. Detachable Sander Base for Movements

The sander can be easily detached from the base and used separately. This ensures farfetched movement of the handheld sander.


  • Sanding pad dimensions: 7″
  • Net Weight: 7.3Lbs
  • No-load Speed: 800-2400 R/min
  • Rated voltage: 110V


  • Sturdy Body Material
  • Removable Base
  • Quick Power Option
  • Budget Friendly
  • Variable Speed
  • Dust Reduction


  • Sand Papers are a bit hard to find with the exact friction

Final Verdict

Purchasing the right tool can take a lot of time and consideration. As this is some kind of a long-term investment. If you want versatility and durability, you may consider this Goplus electric hand sander.

We know the design of the machine is average so we have not given the design a top-notch mark in this Goplus electric hand sander 710W Review. But the durability and the versatility of the machine is really stunning. You can literally tackle any kind of drywall with this machine by your side.

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