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BUCKTOOL BD4603 Belt Disc Sander For Your Wood Works

Bucktool Belt Disc Sander

Sanding has been always an important task of woodworking. If you have seen or done the manual sanding job, then you should be gracious to the technology. Using the hand sander over and over again on a wood piece is never that enjoyable. Technology has made things really enjoying and comfortable for woodworkers. Also, the automatic bucktool BD4603  belt disc sander makes it a lot faster than manual sanding.

Without the sanding work, the woodwork is never complete. No matter how you need to perform the sanding in order to give the perfect shape and texture to your furniture and wood pieces. All the belts and disc sanders are there for you to serve the purpose. Bucktool 4 x 36-Inch sander is another automatic machine that comes for you to make things comfortable for you. On this tool, you get both the disc sander and belt sander.

BUCKTOOL BD4603 Explained

What else you need from an automatic sander when you get both the disc and belt sander in the same package. It’s really great to have both in a compact way. Any woodworker, amateur or professional would love this. There is a lot you can do with this tool. The belt sander of this tool is tiltable, and it can be a move to 90° that makes the sanding really comfortable in many ways. Right next to you also have the disc sander to get the required job done. One problem is you can’t perform sanding by standing on a common platform. You need to change the position to use both options as they are opposite to each other.

The belt sander rolls directly with the powerful motor of ¾ HP. Which ensures the speed of the belt. The motor has got the speed of 3450 RPM without any load, and the belt got 2165 RPM speed to make all the items smooth quickly. You should not put any extra pressure on the belt it will slow down the belt. Keep the wood pieces normally on the belt the belt will do the rest.

Whom Is BUCKTOOL BD4603 Belt Disc Sander For?

Anybody who can relate themselves to woodworking needs this kind of belt disc sander. It’s not that you can’t do the woodworking without this tool, but you need this kind of tool to make a good finish of your works. Without having used any kind of sander, your wood pieces are never ready to display in front of the people. After using the sanders, wood pieces are smooth and looks fresh to be liked by other people.


  • Product Dimensions 22.1 x 19.8 x 10 inches
  • Weight 33.4 pounds
  • Part Number BD4603
  • Motor Power ¾ HP
  • Motor Speed 3450 RPM
  • Belt Speed 2165 RPM
  • Voltage Required 120 Volt
  • Flow of current required 5 amp
  • Frequency of machine 60 Hz
  • Power Source AC
  • Warranty 1 Year


  • The design of the tool leads to 25% more efficiency
  • Sanding belt is directly driven by the motor
  • The belt is able to work both vertically and horizontally
  • Stable cast Aluminium base to set as bench belt sander
  • Mounting holes and rubber foot for stable service
  • Strong metal rod to support you during heavy load on the machine


  • Inconvenient vac hose changing when moving from belt to disc
  • Belt and Disc is opposite from each other not comfortable to work on both

Our Remarks

Bucktool has got all the feature what we look for in the best belt sander. Powerful motor with great belt speed makes really easy for the woodworkers. The brand might not be that popular with many of us, but it can serve you with the perfection. If you want to check out another bench sander, then have a look on RIKON Power Tools 50-122 6″ x 48″ Belt / 10″ Disc Sander. It comes with the stand to set it up comfortably for your sanding works. Hope you will get the perfect power sander for your job.


Question : Should we put some extra pressure to make the sanding quick?
Answer : No extra pressure should be given on the wood piece, it will bog the speed of the sanding belt. Give the time it will do the sanding for you.

Question : Do BUCKTOOL disc sander Runs on battery?
Answer : You need a corded power supply to run this tool.

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