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SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

The Skil Compound Miter Saw or Skil 10 miter saw with Quick Mount System, and Laser Cutline guide is very simple to assemble and set up for work. It is intended in a way that helps all the people especially the beginner because there is no hassle.You can use this tool right out of the box, no real issue with the setup. The customized mount might not create any trouble. This is a lightweight saw that is designed for beginners. The simple, lightweight design makes it really easier to move it around the workplace or carry it for further usage.

You get a laser guide with the tool that is really helpful for the beginners. This will guide you with a straight line onto the workpiece to give you the perfect vision of accurate and straight cuts. The laser line can be also helpful to place the saw accurately.

The electric brake with the tool helps to make stops safely and accurately. The brake is really helpful for the beginners to make more accurate angled cuts. The included dust bag with the package should help you keep the work area free of excess debris. The table extension with rails on both the left and right sides are incorporated for larger cuts of lumber.

You have the fence with markings to help make first cuts perfect. The horizontal clamp with the saw helps the users to get extra security and stability for the woods. The lock switch is designed to left or right position for helping both left- or right-handed woodworkers. A shortcoming of this package if you don’t get any miter saw table or miter saw stand with this package. You might need a stand to make the best use of this tool.

It’s a sliding compound miter saw with nine preset miter locks that give accurate positions for the most common cuts in woodworking. The Skil miter saw has a 15-amp motor and a standard 5/8-inch arbor. A bevel angle range of 0 to 47 degrees with bevel stops to help the angled cuttings. The 10-inch blade with the saw is carbine tipped for durability. Cutting capacity of either 4 x 4 inches at 90 degrees or 2 x 6 inches at 45 is really helpful for the woodworkers. You also get a miter angle range of 0 to 47 degrees both right and left.

Without any load, the motor runs at 5,000 RPM, which is standard for a wood slicing machine. You will get a 1-year limited warranty with the machine. It is priced to be competitive with more expensive tools. It’s a perfect piece of saw for occasional needs and small repairs.

Professionals or experienced might need a saw that is intended for heavier workloads. This tool provides a durable design for constant wear and tear, and you need to purchase the mounting hardware separately. As the saw has a limited cutting ability, you may get uneven finishes on thicker pieces of wood.


  • Product Dimensions 23.8 x 16 x 16.5 inches
  • Item Weight 30.6 pounds
  • size 10-Inch
  • Color Red
  • Item model number 3317-01
  • Part Number 3317-01
  • Voltage 120 volts


  • The Skil miter saw has got the remarkable motor speed
  • Quick Mount System On The Miter Saw Stand
  • Laser Cutline Guide Allows The User Fast And Up To Mark Cuts
  • Table Extension Helpful For Large Work Pieces
  • Clamping System Holds Wood Securely Against Fence While Cutting
  • Lock Off Switch Goes Nicely With Both Right And Left Handed Users

Our Remarks

The Skil miter saw comes with a 15-amp motor, weighs about 30.6 lbs and delivers smooth, straight cuts. Woodworkers and finishing carpenters with years of experience might look for a tool that includes a longer warranty and promises more strength and longevity. However, this saw is a good choice or option for a beginner or DIYers.

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