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BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander Review for You

Black & Decker Mouse Detail Sander

After using furniture for a while, it looks wasted. Simple sanding and varnish/ coloring can bring it to life. Not all sanding tools can help you to deal with furniture properly.  You need the Black & Decker BDEMS600 mouse detail sander where you get a finger attachment to reach every tiny gap. Continue reading to know the ins and out of this detail sander and find a better way to sand the wooden objects in your home.

Key Features of BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

1. Finger attachment

Black and Decker come with a sander that has a removable front to set the finger attachment which helps to reach every corner and tiny gap comfortably. There is a Velcro loop to hold the finger attachment. This single feature is enough to place it for one of the best sanders.

2. Hook and loop

Replacing the sanding paper has become easy with the hook and loop process. Now you just need to pull off the old one and set the new sanding paper. It makes sense as you can change the paper within seconds. No such disrupt of work.

3. Grip

Black and Decker have designed this detail sander nicely with 3 different grip position. The different grip position will help the users to an emphasis on the areas that need more sanding than the usual or to create some extra pressure on the tool so that the sanding completes quickly.

4. Dust collection

This sander is designed and equipped in a way to consume the dust inside the dust through the dust port. The perforated pad and sanding paper help the system to take in all dust.

5. Portability and flexibility

With the 2.8 lbs, weight and compact size the manufacturer hope it’s going to be one of the best mouse sanders for the users. Different grip positions will help the users to bring on the best sanding job that’s how the producer thinks.

6. Ergonomic Design

Its compact and ergonomic design makes this sander very easy and comfortable to use for the sanding works.

7. Power

Its 1.2 amp motor helps the sander to run 14,000 orbits per minute to remove materials.


  • Sander Type Mouse detail sander
  • Amperage 1.2 amps
  • Speed 14000 OPM
  • Paper size/type Detail sheet
  • Power tool type corded
  • Tool height 5.4?
  • Tool length 10.2?
  • Tool weight 2.8 lbs.
  • Warranty 2 years limited


  • Three grip positions
  • Versatile uses
  • Flexibility at work
  • Better control
  • High performance dust collection
  • Ergonomic design


  • Extra pressure may harm the front attachment
  • Dusts may leak from the port

Our Findings

Now let’s try to bring on the facts that can help you while working with it practically.

1. Performance

Yes, it’s truly an effective tool when you need to reach the tiny gaps in a wooden chair or any other furniture. Its sharp front can go to the corners sometimes, but the finger attachment is designed only to serve the purpose in corners and gaps. It becomes a blunder when someone finds that the attachment is coming off after working for a few hours. The Velcro that holds the extra attachment tends to be delicate not that much stronger.

With the hook and loop process, it became really comfortable for the users to change the sanding papers and the holes on the sanding paper and pad help the tool to consume all the dust into the dust bag. The users found this bag very useful when there are less debris and dust to collect, but when there is a lot of dust to collect after some time, it starts to leak dust where it connects with the tool. So you need to clear dust in a regular interval to get the best use of the tool.

Though there is some problem, we have found this tool efficient on an overall view. We hope if the manufacturer gives some attention to the problem, it will become a high-class tool at a low cost.

2. Ease of use

The size and weight of this tool help the users to work with it comfortably. Also, the design is done intelligently so the users are able to grip the machine in three different ways and it allows the users to sand the furniture in a comfortable and effective way. Grip positions help to bring the amount of pressure you want. Do these gripping positions make confusion on how to use a sander? I don’t think so.

3. Price

Though Black and Decker BDEMS 600 has got the past record to satisfy its users with the quality works, the price of the tool is relatively low and helps the users to be within budget.

How to Use and Maintain the BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander?

1. When and how to use the finger attachment?

All the users love the detail sander because it can reach every corner with its finger attachment. Whenever you find a corner that is not reachable with the regular shape of the sander you just need take off the front attachment and set the finger attachment which can easily make its way to reach the corners and tiny gaps.

2. How can you make good use of the dust compartment?

When you need to work with the sander for a longer period, and there is a chance to accumulate a lot of dust then you need to clear the dust compartment in a regular interval otherwise you will find that dust is coming out every now and then from the conjunction of the dust bag

Customers’ Feedbacks

From Amazon, we have seen customers rated it four stars. That means it has satisfied most of the users. Also, the stars are not only the parameter to judge a product. After working with many sanding tools, we know where other users would find it uncomfortable. We also tried to find out what other users think about this powerful tool. We found customers are having problems with the detachable tip of this detail sander as they found it easily getting off while working. Also, because of the holes the sanding papers get easily torn off. For this reason, you may need to change the sanding papers quite often. Other than these problems other customers and we have found this tool efficient enough to continue with it for the detail sanding works.

Whom Is Mouse Detail Sander Ideal For?

Sanding does not go plain and simple always. When we try to improve the look of our old furniture we need to sand the corners repeatedly and there comes a detailed mouse sander in action. With the help of its finger attachment on the front it becomes really comfortable to sander the tiny gaps and sand every bit of the furniture, and then you get a fresh new look of your old furniture. You might be a hobbyist, woodworker or small-scale wood turners; you need to have a disc sander that would do your small piece of work instantly. In addition, you need to remember that if you want to work on a bigger project, you should get a powerful machine. So, in this term, The Disc Sander Belt would do a decent job for all.

Our Final Thoughts

Finally, the time has come to give a judgment whether the tool is helpful for the users or not.

The Black & Decker mouse detail sander is impressive with the front attachment and the finger attachment features. It helps the users to make the most out of a sanding tool where other fixed sanders fail to reach the gaps in furniture. Also, the design of the tool helps the users to grip in three different positions which helps the users to work efficiently with the right amount of pressure on the tool. There is some problem with the Velcro tape and the dust bag connection, but it does not spread any negative impression for most of the users. So, you can give a shot for this wonderful sander. Enjoy your sanding jobs!


Question : What kind of sanding jobs can be done with this detail sander?
Answer : A variety of tasks can be done with the help of this detail sander. From the oily kitchen cabinet to any other detail sanding job can be done easily with this Black and Decker detail sander.

Question : Need to replace the pads and sanding paper where will be available according to the hole pattern?
Answer : There are many places where you can find the exact match for pad and sanding paper. Amazon has a great collection of sanding paper where you can find a suitable one.

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