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Anesty Sander Review for Woodworkers-2023

Mouse Detail Sander

Annoyed with your old and ragged furniture? Or, simply having trouble with the unsmooth surfaces of your year old wooden items? Yes, you got it right. We are going to suggest you a sander that may help you with your worries. However, it is not just another sander that we are going to talk about in this particular review. Anesty Mouse Detail Sander has already earned its place in the market with its compact and ergonomic design and the top notch performance. Its 2 amp motor with 13,000 orbits per minute makes your sanding job faster and easier. That’s not all what this product offers. Read on this mouse detail sander review to know more about Anesty Mouse Detail Sander 13000 OPM Electric Sanding Machine’s specifications and features!

Key Features of Anesty Sander

1. 2 Amp Motor

The motor is the main part of a tool whether it is a mouse sander or a belt disk sander. So, to deliver you the optimal performance your sander must have a good motor. Anesty understands your needs; and, it comes with a 2 amp motor that provides with 13,000 orbits per minute.

2. One LED light

No matter whether you are professional or an amateur worker, you might require work at night. Anesty added a LED light at the front side of the sander to remove darkness and illuminate the sanding area. So, you can operate easily and efficiently in dark environment.

3. Compact & Ergonomic design

The compact and ergonomic design of the sander allows you to remove materials from the smallest corners of your desired items. The design also allows you to operate the tool with one hand without much effort.

4. Dust Extraction

Anesty sander comes with dust extraction outlet for assuring that the sander releases dust from one particular point. It increases the capacity of the dust collector to hold all the dust for keeping the working environment clean.

5. Dust Box ( Dust Collector)

Many of the professional woodworkers are found to suffer from the respiratory problems. Keeping the working area clean can reduce the issue, but it is more than difficult unless the sander helps itself. Anesty mouse sander brings you a dust bag for collecting all dust that emits while working with the sander.

6. Soft Grip Handle

Mouse detail sander brings you adequate gripping comfort. The soft grip handle is easy to hold and allows work for longer time.

7. Detail Sanding Plate

No matter whether you sand a wood, plastic or metal material; you always focus on efficiency. For assuring you the best possible efficiency in your sanding task, Anesty has added a detail sanding plate with their mouse detail sander. So, the perfection is ensured.

8. Finger Sanding and Triangle Attachment

Besides cleaning the material, it also helps you design. When you talk about exceptional design on your material, the necessity of attachment comes. For providing you with beautiful design and reaching the hard-to-reach corner, these finger and triangle attachment helps.


  • Product Dimensions 10.8 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight 3.4 pounds
  • Color Black ,Orange
  • Style Mouse Sander
  • Material Plastic
  • Power Source AC
  • Type of Bulb LED
  • Speed 13000.00 OPM


  • Adequate Motor Speed For Satisfactory Sanding
  • Workability in Dark place
  • Lightweight For Portability
  • Dust Collection Capacity For Clean Working Environment
  • Comfortable Gripping Opportunity


  • Excessive Heat may Melt Screws

Our Findings

1. Performance

After getting introduced with the hype I decided to check the detail sander by my own. It will be a crime if I don’t say that I was not convinced at the beginning that this tool would pass the test. But to my utter surprise it worked great. Many will praise the 2 amp motor with 13000 orbits per minute for a speedy sanding. That is obviously a great feature, but the finger and triangle attachment impressed me the most. The grip is also good and comfortable. It also can reach the tight space of your sanding items and the dust collection process is really good. The only issue I find with the performance is it becomes hot after using an hour at a stretch.

2. Easy To Use

When we saw this sander for the first time, we thought about how we would work with this small sander. But, the size showed a positive effect. Being compact, it sits easily on palm; and, you can use it easily with one hand. The things that pleased me that even after working a longer period of time I haven’t felt ache on hand. Besides, being small, it reaches the toughest corner easily, and you can easily consider it as a palm sander.

How to Operate and Maintain this Anesty Sander Machine?

1. How to Operate

At first, just fix the metals you are going to sand; turn on the switch and hold the sander on the place you want to sand. Before start sanding, make sure that the part you are going to works on fits to the capacity of the tool. Change the attachment based on your requirement.

2. How to maintain

For maintaining this sander, you need to be a bit careful. Make sure you clean your tool after every use. Open the sander to clean the inner part with a piece of cloth. Make sure that you don’t use the machine when it is extremely hot. Keep the handle dry all the time.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Customers are pleased with the sander, and many of them consider it as the best sander of that size. Based on the customer review, it has achieved 3.3 stars out of 5. Most of the customers like this sander for its usability and great performance. Besides, they also like its construction and hard-to-reach area working capacity. However, they have criticized it for the attachments which sometimes melt after longer use.

Whom Is Mouse Detail Sander Ideal For?

Whether you are a pro or a DIY woodworker, this mouse detail sander will fit perfectly to your hands. People who likes to beautify their home furniture or other goods will love this sanding tool. From making any wooden surface smoother to removing paint from wood, metal or plastic this tool will assist you. Being lightweight and compact, professionals use this as an additional item for reaching the hard-to-reach areas of the furniture.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we must recommend the Anesty Mouse Detail Sander. Why? This sander is manufactured with high-quality materials. With 2 amp motor, it sands the toughest corners easily. Besides, better performance in woodworking, Anesty sander also performs satisfactorily on plastic and metal materials. The handle gives a soft and perfect grip that fits in your hands for hours. But, we must not deny some issues that you should consider. In extreme heat, the finger attachment might melt. This sander might come with loose nut; before using them, check and tighten the nuts. Even after considering these issues, we think it is the best choice for anyone.


Question : Which types of wood are suitable for this sander?
Answer : Anesty mouse sander works great for any types of wood. So, no matter whatever wood you use this on, its sanding capacity will satisfy you. You can also sand plastic and metal materials easily.

Question : How wide is the pad?
Answer : The width of the pad is between 3 and 4 inches.

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