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Best Car Sun shade For Windshield – Buying Guide & Reviews

Though you want to go for a long drive, you don’t want to burn your skin from the extreme sun. So, you need an object that protects you and your family from the terrible, harmful effect of the sun. The idea of sun blocker for the car comes in the market from this requirement to ensure that your babies don’t suffer from eye diseases due to the extreme sun in the summer days. For getting the optimal support and protection, you need the best car sun shade for windshield that blocks UV rays and keeps the car inside cool and comfortable.

If you are a professional driver, you just need the good car window shades. Because being on the hot sun for longer times might damage your sight. Besides, extreme heat makes you dehydrated that makes you suffer from different diseases. Even if you are not a professional driver and go for a long drive with your family, you need a sun shade too. The good car window sun shades secure the eyes of your children and your beloved wife. Besides, the cooling features help you enjoy the ride and can’t feel the heat outside.

A Quick View of Our Reviewed Car Sun shade

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
1st Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade $19
2nd $12
3rd EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product $18
4th Big Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield Big Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield $19
5th Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade $14
6th OxGord Car Sunshade OxGord Car Sunshade $12
7th Shade Pro Car Sun Shade Shade Pro Car Sun Shade $19
8th Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products
9th USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car $19
10th Zento Deals Front Rear Car Sunshade Zento Deals Front Rear Car Sunshade $11

Car Sun Shade to Consider Buying

Money is important whether you buy a custom car sun shade or auto though they don’t cost much. You can buy one with only $5, and you choose to buy also with $15. Expensive car shades come with expanded features where low-price sun shade does only the promised security. However, which one you buy, no matter; you will be secured from the sunlight and UV rays. But, all sun shades have not the equal features and capacity like one is good for blocking UV but not good for sun protection. The vice versa is also possible, but you notice a little different in auto sun shades. So, read this and other buying guides accurately and decides what you exactly want from a car sun shade.

Best Sunshade for Car Windshield – Top 10 Reviews

01 Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade

Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade

Auto Expressions Max Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade is a wonderful choice for you if you like a classic looking car windshield sun shade. We all are familiar with this car windshield sun shade. Silver panels have been used as one of the major elements of this sun shade. You can fold it up when you are not using. However, it appears bulky, and it takes a lot of space in your vehicle while storing this sun shade. Meanwhile, when the talk of function comes, it ensures that the UV rays don’t harm your car. On top of that, it has the capacity of ensuring that the car is kept cold during hot summer days.

Thinking of how to use it? You can use it horizontally or vertically. You should set up it getting aware of the angle of the sun entrance. The Auto Expressions Max Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade also fits smaller windshield, but a smaller car windshield shade is available which is regarded as the Standard size. This sun shade comes with fitting panels that make it even popular for its adjustability with different types of vehicles.


  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 6.5 x 2.4 Inches
  • Weight: 13.6 Ounces
  • Color: Silver
  • Model number: 11526AX
  • Part Number: 11526AX
  • Material: Nylon
  • Folding: No


  • Capacity Blocking UV Rays
  • Ensuring Car Cool on Sunny Days
  • Fitting Panels for Different Types Vehicles
  • Well Fitted to Smaller Windshield
  • Durable Service


  • Very Light and Thin


Question: Does this car sun shade fit 2014 Honda Civic?
Answer: Many users think that this car sun shade is not suitable for Honda Civic. But, we have noticed that Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade is a bit long, but still, it fits 2014 Honda Civic Accurately.

Question: How does Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade fit the 2011 BMW X5?
Answer: Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade is built for serving, and the quality makes it even popular. It suits your 2011 BMW X5 great, and you won’t have to think of the sun rays effects on your vehicles.

Our Remarks

If you want a car sun visor that ensures you durable service, you are at the right place. Auto Expressions Reflector Jumbo Accordion Shade provides many facilities at a time. It has been made to block UV rays and ensure the cold environment even in the sunny days of the summer. If you don’t need to worry about the fitting, it’s fitting panels make it suitable for working with other vehicles too. However, this sun shade is very thin and light compared to other similar sun shades. Except this, we have experienced it as a good and reliable sun shield car shade.

02 Enovoe Car Window Shade

Enovoe Car Window Shade

Enovoe Car Window Shade has been designed to offer the coverage in large vehicles; these window shades fit the windows in minivan or SUV. The mesh ensures 97% UV protection and maintains safety and visibility for avoiding an accident which means you can still see the outside clearly while driving the car. Besides, you are getting two shades means you can install one on each side of your car. No adhesives come with this sun shade that will affect your car’s window; choking hazard is also not possible as there are no suction cups to pose.

Enovoe Car Window Shade guarantees the protection from sun heat; so, you can drive your car for hours without suffering from the heat. You enjoy every second of your ride. The sun shade also blocks the harmful UV rays that affect your body negatively. If you want to get a heat-free seat after parking your car sea-shore for hours, you must go with a car sun shade. Still, not convinced? Enovoe Car Window Shade offers a lifetime guarantee, and you can solve any issue with the help of the authority. So, your money is secured.


  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.7 x 0.4 Inches
  • Weight: 1.44 Ounces
  • Size: 3 Pack
  • Color: Black
  • Model number: sku1
  • Battery Required: No
  • Warranty: Lifetime (Money Back)


  • Guaranteed Protection from Sun Heat
  • Blocking Harmful UV Rays
  • Coming with Dual Layer Design for More Protection
  • Capability of Providing Satisfactory Service
  • Including Free E-book on Children’s Safety on The Heat


  • Outside Can’t Be Seen Properly


Question: Can I remove it after sticking on the window?
Answer: Enovoe Car Window Shade is made for the convenience of the users, and it doesn’t damage the glass of your car windows. Besides, if you require, you can remove the sun shade even after sticking it on the window without affecting your window glass or other parts.

Question: Does this sun shade fit driver’s window?
Answer: No matter whether you want to use it on the driver side window or passenger side window; it works with both simultaneously. So, there is no worry to use it at the driver side window.

Our Remarks

Single layer sometimes fails to provide you with the required protection, and that’s why; Enovoe Car Window Shade features a double layer to assure more protection than before. The exception of this car sun shade is that it includes an e-book for securing children from the sun. However, the shade makes it difficult to see the outside, and it blocks outside with its double layers. But, the outside is boring when your skin is about to be burned by the sun. So, for protecting you and your children, you need to collect Enovoe Car Window Shade. These shades also work car window covers.

03 EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product

EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product

EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product tells you how much protection it offers. The sun shade allows for maximum adjustability to your car’s windshield. Depending on the perfect suitability, you can install it either vertically or horizontally. Once the sun shade is well fitted, be conformed that it will present you exceptional protection. This vehicle not only protects the vehicle but also your health from provable damage from the terrible UV rays.

Are you planning for a long journey and canceling for extreme hot days? No worries; EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product is always there to be in your assistance. It ensures the interior of your vehicle remains cool and you feel more comfortable. Besides, the sun shade is easy and simple to use. Being user-friendly, it requires no effort in installation procedure and removing is also easy. If you don’t need to use it, you can fold and store it without any hassle. The sun shade is ready to use when you use it again. As a bonus, it comes with a non-slip sticky dashboard mat.


  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 0.5 Inches
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces
  • Size: Standard (Medium)
  • Color: Foggy
  • Model number: 1-ES-WIND-2SQ31x28
  • Part Number: 1-ES-WIND-2SQ31x28
  • Folding: No


  • Providing Best Coverage
  • Regarded as The Best Fitting Sun Shade
  • Required No Time and Effort to Install
  • Ensuring Hassle-free Use
  • Capacity of Keeping You and Your Car Cool


  • Hard to Fold
  • Thin Design


Question: Does the sun shade denote with “Universal Fit” that it fits any windshield?
Answer: To some extent, ‘yes.’ It has two separate panels; so, width is easily adapted. We have just double checked the height. It should be okay with almost any regular sized vehicle. So, the word ‘Universal Fit’ means it fits almost any windshield and not each and every.

Question: Are both sides of this car sun shade silver?
Answer: New customers think that both sides of EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product is silver. Let’s make it clear that its one side is silver and another side is black. Hope it helps.

Our Remarks

For good coverage, EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product has earned much popularity. A huge number of people believe in this sun shade for its advantages. It has the capacity to fit different types of vehicles. The installation procedure is surprisingly easy. It takes no effort to set up. However, we experienced it is hard to fold, and the sun shade is thin. But, sun protection capability is praiseworthy. It keeps you cool even in the hottest days of the summer. You can use it as your eye protected device.

04 Big Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield

Big Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield

We have considered it one of the best car sun shades our review, and if you visit the market, you will agree with us. It helps your car to remain cool even in the hottest temperature. This sun shade has been designed in an exceptional way. The interior of this sun shade is made of foam which makes it easy to block sunlight. Meanwhile, it helps the car maintain its normal temperature at all the times.  Silver material coated double bubble design blocks UV up to 99%. This protects your dashboard and seats from hot sun and the possible damage it causes.

Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield also comes with a universal fit mode which means that this works in every car brand and almost any model without regarding Cars, Trucks, Vans or the SUVs. If we mention the size; the windshield is within 54.7″X 28.3″ inches. It brings you a suction cup for the convenient storing. It is easy to handle, and it causes no harm to the car. Its compact design allows you to fold it easily and its holding straps make it moving even easier.


  • Size: 55.16″X 27.5″
  • Weight: 13.1 ounces
  • Color: Silver
  • Finish: (Exterior) Smooth
  • Folding: Yes


  • Keeping Vehicle Cool in Hot Weather
  • Protecting Car and Seat from UV Rays
  • Universal Fit is Suitable for Almost Any Vehicle
  • Allowing Store and Fold When Required
  • Serving for Longer Time


  • Short for Some Vehicles


Question: Does this car sun fit a GMC Sierra?
Answer: Yes, Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield covers Acura TL windscreen completely. So, it fits your vehicle great.

Question: Can I get replacement suction cups?
Answer: Certainly, the authority will present you a replacement. But, for this, you have to contact the authority and follow the instruction they provide.

Our Remarks

Big Hippo Front Car Sunshade Windshield is small for some vehicles, and you need to be aware whether it fits your car or not. If not, look for other sun shade. The focused facility of this sun shade is that it keeps your car cool at the hot weather. So, even the outside suffers from extreme heat, you and your children are safe in your car. Meanwhile, it comes with a universal fit, and it fits almost any vehicle. Folding and storing is also easier, and you can do it yourself when the sun shade is not needed.

05 Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade

Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade

Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade offers you the darkest mesh that is capable of protecting little the eyes of your children. They are larger compared to other similar shades in the market, and they cover a bigger part of your car window that makes them suitable for minivans and other vehicles with large windows. It is easy to install, and you can remove it without harming your window. Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade can block 97% of UV rays, and it ensures that even the little baby is in the car its eyes won’t be affected.

Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade is manufactured from heavy-duty material, and it has the capacity of tolerating a huge amount of heat. So, you can consider it as a quality car sun shade for you and your family protection. Don’t need to use it now? No worries. Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade allows you to store the shade safe when it is not in use. Finally, the lightweight construction secures your baby if they unconsciously place their hands on it. It is made for lasting and serving longer.


  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 4.6 Inches
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Synthetic Fabric
  • Model number: FBA_KF2 Car-Shade
  • Part Number: FBA_KF2 Car-Shade
  • Folding: No


  • Semi-transparent for Maximum Sun Protection
  • Capacity of Fitting Any Window Size
  • Made with Quality Material for Heavy Duty
  • Allowing Safe Storing When Not in Use
  • Longer Lasting Car Protection


  • Doesn’t Stick Properly


Question: How can I remove it?
Answer: Removing Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade is easier than anything. You need not be an expert to do it. Just pull the sun shade of the window, and you are all set. Twist to fold for storing.

Question: Does its fit Chevy bold?
Answer: Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade is made to fit almost any vehicle that makes it popular than other similar car sun shades. So, it fits Chevy bold accordingly and protects your car from sun rays and heat.

Our Remarks

Enjoying the outside is important while driving or setting in your car. Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade brings you two transparent sun shades to power on your visibility, and these sun shades can use in the drive side window too. But, sometimes, securing eyes are more important than the clear outside visibility. Two semi-transparent shades are included for extra protection of the eyes. So, it brings you what you exactly need. However, some shades don’t stick on the window properly, but this situation is rare. Still, people love it and believe in it for its service and trustworthy durability.

06 OxGord Car Sunshade

OxGord Car Sunshade

OxGord has been popular for serving the high-quality car materials and without regarding professional or any driver, the Car Sunshade of the company comes in the market ensuring high-quality service. If we turn to some of its features specifically, we notice that its expansion capacity stands first. It allows you to expand for fitting it with different sized windows. Besides, the extreme hot sun might cause damage to the interior of the car, OxGord Car Sunshade saves this damage.

Want to carry or store it? It comes with straps for your convenience OxGord Car Sun Protector has made your journey easier. It has the capacity of keeping the car internal temperature cool compared to the outer temperature. Interested to know about the size? Its dimension is 55 x 28 inches, and it weighs only 0,16ounces. This lightweight car sun shade comes with the smooth exterior finish. So, if you see once, you will love it.


  • Dimensions: 55 x 28 Inches
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Model number: CASV-C1-140
  • Finish (Exterior): Smooth
  • Folding: No


  • Expansion Capacity to Fit Different Size Windows
  • Keeping You Cool Even in the Hot Weather
  • Saving Interior Damage
  • Including Easy Storing Straps for User Convenience
  • Blocking Heats and Rays


  • Construction Is Not Praise Worthy


Question: Does this car sun shade fit my 2007 Ford Focus?
Answer: OxGord Car Sunshade can be used easily with your 2007 Ford Focus, and you won’t face any issue during installation. It serves your car window and ensures cold feeling even in the summer.

Question: Will OxGord Car Sunshade fit Toyota Sienna?
Answer: Users are confused whether this car sun shade fits their vehicles. OxGord Car Sunshade is made to fit almost any car. So, you can use it without any tension.

Our Remarks

Though some of the users have shared that the construction of this sun shade is not praiseworthy, a huge number of people still believe in this. It is praiseworthy for its durability, and once you buy this, you can use it for a long period of time. But, whiling buying, you need to be careful that the sun shade fits your car because it is not for universal consumption rather for specified car types and models. Once it suits your car, you are tension free for a long time.

07 Shade Pro Car Sun Shade

Shade Pro Car Sun Shade

Heat might be the most desired thing in winter, but it becomes the most intolerable thing in the summer. During driving, you sweat the whole time you stay in your car. Besides, the extreme sun harms the eyes, and if the eyes are of a child’s, they are more prone to be affected. Shade Pro Car Sun Shade has been made to solve these issues. Its first responsibility is to ensure that you get the amiable environment in the car. It keeps you cool, and you feel comfortable even in the hot summer weather. Meanwhile, it secures you from UV rays that damage car interiors.

We understand the value of your time, and that’s why we find the option that ensures saving some time. The huge time is required by some new people during installation. It allows you to pop out the sun shade easily and in no time. Folding is also easier than ever. It is available in medium size, and its dimension is 9.7 x 9.3 x 1.5 Inches. The sun shade comes with a money back guarantee that provides extra security for the users. So, you can collect it, and if you find any issue, you can replace or get refunded.


  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.3 x 1.5 Inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Size: Medium
  • Part Numbe:r 1222
  • Guarantee: Refund or Replacement (Based on user Preference)


  • Ensuring Comfortable Temperature in the Car
  • Blocking UV Rays
  • No Hassle in Folding Back or Popping Out
  • No Worry of Wasting Time
  • Offering Service for Longer Time


  • Very Small for Standard Sizing


Question: How can I fold this sun shade to fit in the bag?
Answer: Folding Shade Pro Car Sun Shade is simple, and you just need to follow the instruction carefully. We recommend using two hands though some people might work with one hand. Using two hands ensures more security avoiding popping open.

Question: Should I order any particular size for a 2010 Camry?
Answer: Well, we assume ‘yes.’ We have tried with2010 corolla, and the standard size suits better. So, the similar size is supposed to fit you 2010 Camry.

Our Remarks

Longer time service is one of the important things, and no one wants to buy a sun shade every month. Buying Shade Pro Car Sun Shade means you are secured for a long time, and you need not worry as the guarantee is there to back it up. Its temperature controlling capacity and heat blocking capacity is praiseworthy. So, now, you can take your baby in the car and have a long journey without affecting its eyes negatively. Besides, the comfortable temperature is always in your car; so, you secured from the sun. However, this car sun shade is small for standard sizing and make sure it suits your car.

08 Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products

Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products

Sunshine might be great on the beach, but it causes several issues to your cars like damaging interiors. Plus, it is difficult to drive in the extreme sun that is harmful to eyes and skins. We have added a wonderful sun shade for your protection and ensuring your comfort in the car. Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products come with 99 percent UV protection which means that you are completely secured from these harmful rays. Meanwhile, it contains reflective silver materials that have the capability of reflecting 95 percent sunlight. So, you feel cool even in the hottest days of the summer.

Using a sun shade is not equally important all the time, and sometimes, especially when the weather is cold, you want to drive without the car shade. Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products allow you to remove and fold the sun shade easily. For optimal assistance, it also ensures easy storing. Coming with the compact design, it ensures super protection for you and your car. Meanwhile, it has a capacity of assuring the perfect coverage of your car windows. It is built for lasting; so, buying once, you can use it for a long time.


  • Dimensions: 59 x 0.1 x 27.6 Inches
  • Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Size: Small
  • Material: Nylon
  • Part Number: ShadeIt1009
  • Folding: Yes


  • Capacity of Super Protection
  • Made with Stronger Material for Extensive Use
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Store
  • Ensuring Perfect Coverage


  • Doesn’t Come with All the Advertised Feature


Question: Does the package of this sun shade bring window shades?
Answer: It comes with only front windshield, and you won’t get the other windshields with this package. If you want, you need to buy separately, but we recommend talk to others for more information.

Question: Does this sun shade fit a Mazda 3?
Answer: Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products perfectly fits your Mazda 3. So, you can buy this sun shade without any hassle. However, as the information changes regularly, we ask you have clear ideas about fitting. You find it on every website.

Our Remarks

Though Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products come with extensive features, still, some features are missing in the car shade which has been advertised. Its compact design helps it easy to install and remove. Besides, if you want to move it, it allows you without any extra hassle. The great thing about this sun shade is that very few sun shades in the market can protect sunlight and UV rays as it does. Its covering capacity is also optimal and can cover the most significant parts. So, you can try it without thinking twice.

09 USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car

USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car

Whether it is a car seat or your skin, if you are very serious about protecting your things, USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car is an amazing choice. It comes with the capacity of protecting the interiors of your car from harmful UV rays. It ensures that your seat color is not faded or burnt by the extreme heat of the sun. It comes with Velcro closure that works when. You get nothing to hold the sun shade during moving it or keeping it in the safest place for using later.

USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car is made for lasting serving for a long time. It features quality stitching that plays an important role in ensuring consistent and longtime use. This sun shade is easy to work with, and it folds accordion style with a Velcro strap for quick use. You do not need to twist or roll with this sunshade, just expand to use and remove to store.


  • Dimensions: 27 x 58 x 1 Inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Color: USA Eagle Flag
  • Model number: AS-764__AM
  • Part Number: AS-764__AM


  • Ensuring Protection from UV Rays
  • Coming with Velcro Closure
  • Securing the Car Interior from Extreme Heat
  • Allowing Fold When Not in Use
  • Using for Longer Time


  • Closure Straps Are Not Long Lasting


Question: Does this sun shade fit my Nissan Altima?
Answer: Yes, USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car fits your Nissan Altima accurately. So, use it and enjoy your journey even in the summer ensuring you and your car are secured from the extreme heat and sun.

Question: Is this sunshade firm?
Answer: Yes, USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car is pretty firm, and it sticks to your car window. It is capable of presenting you the cold feeling in the hot summer weather. You get the comfortable temperature in your car.

Our Remarks

USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade for Car comes with closure straps, but they are not long lasting. While experience, we haven’t found any issue like that and what have noticed is; careful use can expand the durability of the straps. But, never forget all the advantages that this sun shade provides. It offers complete protection from UV rays, car interior security and Velcro strap storing opportunity are really praiseworthy. Besides, buying this sun shade means you don’t need to miss any long journey just because of the temperature is very hot. It ensures the comfortable temperature in the car.

10 Zento Deals Front Rear Car Sunshade

Zento Deals Front Rear Car Sunshade

If you are aware of a solar shield and you dream to get one for your car, we have an alternative. Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade works perfectly for your car. It keeps your car interior cool during summer to make sure that you ride comfortably. It can consider it as your Solar Shield.It protects sunrays hitting and penetrating your car; the metallic surface reflects it the light off the car. Consequently, the Interior Temperature in your car is always cool. You will no longer have to suffer from heat in your car, and your car won’t damage soon.

Comfort and easiness is also important for anyone, and you are not out of them. Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is easy to install and if you want you can do it in no time. Its compact design and lightweight helps in easy storing and installing. Meanwhile, once you buy this, you can drive the car and enjoy summer riding for longer time. This sun shade is liable for you and your car security from sunlight and UV rays.


  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Color: Silver
  • Model number: SS9
  • Part Number: SS9
  • Folding: No


  • Keeping the Cool Even in the Summer
  • Protecting Car from Sun Rays
  • Ensuring Easy Application
  • Covering Things in the Car
  • Serving for Longer Time


  • Very Small for Some Windshield


Question: Does this sub shade fit 2012 Mazda 3?
Answer: Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is a very small shade, and the size brings the users some disadvantages by its many advantages. It works great, but lack of care might damage it in a few days.

Question: Does it work in Extreme hot days?
Answer: Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is made to serve you during the summer. No matter how hot the sun is, you get the comfortable temperature in the car. It also secures your car from UV rays.

Our Remarks

Before ending talking about this, let us share an issue that we thought might cause the problem to some of the users. For some windshield, Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is too small to cover the required area of the car window. For avoiding this issue, you have to be careful when you buy it and ensure that it fits your car windows. Now, let’s brief the advantages; if you carry your baby or wife in the car, Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is the mandatory object you need to secure their eyes and skin. Besides, easy installation feature is also convenient.

Best Sunshade for Car Windshield – Buying Guide

Though the price of a car sun shade is not that much, still, you need to take care of it, and you don’t buy anything you see in the market. For your convenience, we have made a checklist that might help you.


You don’t want to buy a car sun shade that doesn’t fit your window dashboard. The fitting problem makes your sun shade useless. Your purpose to assure complete protection; so, you need a sun shade that covers the dashboard. Extra -large or extra small won’t work. So, before buying, ensure that you are well aware of your dashboard.

UVA Protection

Choose a car sun shade that protects your baby from UVA rays because these rays have a very serious effect on the eyes not only of the children but also of the older people. Make sure your sun shade is capable of protecting maximum UVA rays for maximizing your safety.

Large Suction Cups

Many people are heard to claim about their sun shade that it falls down. Here is the reason. Choosing a small suction cups is ineffective because it failed to get stuck to the window and falls during travel. So, make sure you buy a car sun shade with large suction cups for effective protection.

PVC Free

Have you ever thought that your car sun could be reason for your illness? Some static cling style sun shades are made with PVC, and the chemical exposure causes you to suffer from many serious diseases. So, while buying, ensure that your car sub shade is PVC free.

Window Shape

Make sure that you are concern about the shape of your car’s window while purchasing a car window shade. You must assure that your chosen car share will fit and will cover the most part of the window.

Folding Design

Folding is significant as you may need to remove and store the sun shade. Though the sun shades that claim to be not having folding feature is also folded a risk is always there to be damaged. So, while buying, buy seeing the folding feature that allows you to store it safely when it is not used.


Heavy car sun shade might cause an accident, and extreme lightweight might not serve your purpose. So, choose one that protects you and your car from UV rays and sunlight; but, it doesn’t weight much.

Remembering the Extras


Though car sun shade is not that much heavy; still, get informed that you know about delivery procedure like how long will take to deliver the sun shade.

Return Policy

Make certain that you are aware of the return policy. Besides, get a clear idea of whether the company will bear the shipping cost or not. How long they will take to solve the issue.


Another name of warranty is security. So, look for a car sun shade that comes with a warranty. It will be secured for you and your money. Many car sun shades that come with a lifetime warranty. Choose one from them.

How to Use and Maintain Car Sun Shade?

Foldable Style Installation

Installation is easier than anything, and some of the people make mistakes opening the sun shade outside and then take it in the car. We recommend opening the shade in the car. Now, slide shade’s bottom edge to the farthest edge of the dash to ensure its meeting windshield. Fix the shade’s upper edge to the upper edge of the windshield. Make sure it fits accordingly. Lastly, use your sun windshield visors to stick the shade securely.

Roll-Up Style Installation

Place your shade flush after unrolling the sun shade against the windshield and push the sun visors down to stick the shade securely against the window glass. If your san shade comes with small suction cups, make sure that you press firmly against the glass.


To store, simply roll the car sun shade up and then, use the convenient Velcro straps to keep it in place for easy and safe storage.


Do not install the car sun shade in bare hand. The highly reflective material gets hot fast just after facing the sun. It might burn or cause a blister on your hands.

Final Verdict

It’s your turn to consider and choose the best car sun shades for you; and, we can definitely consider you as knowledgeable about all the good car sun shades that we have mentioned in this article. However, we think you need some more assistance to take the decision. For this, we have compared certain car shades that make it easier for you to choose the best car shade for you. Firstly, we will talk about Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade and EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product. Kinder Fluff Car Sun shade is the most popular in our list which means that a large number of people believe in this car sun shade.

Many of the users have commented it as their best car sun shade. Only one competitor of this car sun shade has been noticed in the market, and that is EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product. If you are interested to know the price difference, you will find no difference. So, we recommend the first one. Car sun shade doesn’t cost much, but sometimes, every penny is matter. Thinking this we have managed two car sun shades that won’t hurt your wallet even when you don’t have many bucks. Shade Pro Car Sun Shade costs you less money compared two others, but it is believed and used by a large number of people.

Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade is available in the market and costs even lower than the last one. The popularity of Zento Deals Front/Rear Car Sunshade denotes that people don’t like to buy a car sun shade with the minimum prices. However, choosing any of these shades will save your money and give you optimal service. Now, we are done, and it’s your time to take the responsibility of choosing the best car sun shades from the market. However, before taking a decision, make sure that you know the required information about the car sun shades that you are going to use. Happy Buying!

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