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WEN 6502 Belt Sander Reviews

WEN 6502T 4 X 36 In. Belt And 6 In. Disc Sander Review

Woodworking and metalworking require the right skill and the right equipment. Sanding your finished product, or sanding for refurnishing is crucial. There are things such a crafter will feel good to have, like a cast iron base for better stability, and a sanding belt that makes sanding ergonomically easier. All these and more are the features WEN 6502 Sander possesses. For more than six decades, WEN has been designing and distributing high quality and affordable power tools. With all that experience and years of customer satisfaction, we are confident to present to you our WEN 6502 Sander review to tell you why it would be reasonable to buy a WEN 6502 Sander.

Are you the DIY craftsman trying to give the final touches to finally craft the masterpiece you have been trying to make out of metal, plastic or wood? This belt-disc sander maybe your solution. Whether it is for work, for fulfilling your crafting hobby, or for woodworking projects, this WEN 6502 Sander review is here for your convenience. Boasting both sanding equipment: a sanding disc and a sanding belt, this is quite the impressive machinery indeed, backed by the tried-and-tested reputation of WEN. You will see why this is so as you keep reading out WEN 6502 Sander review.

WEN 6502 Sander Overview

As noted previously, the WEN 6502 Sander stands out because of 2-in-1 feature of having both the disc sander and the belt sander. The belt sanders can be used for the right sanding method for sanding primitive, coarse wood or other materials while the disc sander can be used for finer polishing, sanding or paint-removal.

The belt is adjustable as the task demands and it is adjustable easily. Along with that, it even has safety equipment so that unwanted materials, like your fingers, will not get stuck in the sanders. It also has a strong, heavy cast-iron base that keeps the whole machine stable and cancels out most of the vibrations for a smoother sanding experience. The following contents of this WEN 6502 Sander review will include broad descriptions of the belt-disc sander.

Feature Analysis

1. Extended Belt Guard for added safety

The WEN 6502 Sander’s extended blade guards helps guide excess saw dust into the collection spout while also stopping unwanted objects such as long hair or fingers getting trapped in the belt. The guard doubles as a stop for the wood to maximize control and precision during operation.

2. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Base

The sturdy cast iron base prevents wobbling and walking, ensuring the sander stays in one place while sanding. This makes the machine more efficient, eliminating the need for readjusting the entire machine frequently. As the machine stands its ground, sanding wood feels like a breeze.

3. Adjustable belt

Tilt the 4 x 36 inch belt from a horizontal to a vertical position or anywhere in between depending on the needs of your project. This means you can keep the belt tilted at 90 degrees horizontally or vertically, or any position between those positions.

4. Dust collection port

Attach your favorite dust collector to the 2.5-inch dust port to minimize clean-up of saw dust and debris. This allows your work environment to remain clean and safe from breathing in saw dust. Simply attach a dust collecting bag in to the port, and you will be good to go for a more saw-dustless work environment.

5. Spacious table with Miter Gauge

The sanding disc is accompanied by a support table equipped with 0 to 45 degree beveling capabilities and a removable miter gauge. Much like the tilting ability of the sanding belt, the beveling ability allows you to adjust the table on your sanding disc as you need your table to bevel. You can keep your workpiece at the fixed angle using the miter gauge, which is removable at will.


  • Product Dimensions 22 x 11 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight 39.1 pounds
  • Size 4 x 6 in. (Cast Iron Base)
  • Item Model Number 6502
  • Part Number 6502
  • Warranty 2 years


  • Sanding disc and sanding belt in one machine
  • Heavy cast iron base for stability
  • Added features for user’s safety
  • Powerful and can be used for heavy-duty use
  • Easy to set up and use


  • The base does not stay perfectly stable
  • The dust collector is not very efficient at its job

Final Verdict

As seen in WEN 6502 Sander review, the WEN 6502 Sander has a few negative points, minor though, that may not hinder your sanding activities. A versatile sander with features, from beveling tables and miter gauges to an extended belt guard for added safety, this sander has all of it.

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