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311A Ingersoll Rand Air Sander Review

Ingersoll Rand 311A air sander

When sophistication is the only expected output of a sanding operation, Ingersoll Rand Dual Action Sander may help you achieve that. With the power to ensure swirl-free finishes, this machine can ease a delicate job like feather edging.

This compact yet durable machine can enhance the finishes of your metalworks. It performs great when put into actions on different surfaces. Unlike many sanders, the Ingersoll Rand causes little noise which means that none of your neighbors or colleagues would feel disturbed.

The Ingersoll dual action sander comes with the reliability and endurance to perform relentlessly on projects after projects as long as they involve finishing and sanding. You may count on it for a fast, efficient, and flawless finishing job regardless of the level of roughness a surface may offer.

Feature Analysis

1. Increased Longevity with Vinyl Upholstery

Most of the sanding machine tend to lose their shine due to a color like substance in their body. But the upholstery on Ingersoll rand air sander 311a will make sure that the machine keeps shining even after long time of usage.

2. 25 HP Ensures Max Power

Now this is pure power. The machine comes with 25 horse power motor and this is well able to sand even the toughest materials. No wonder the power is so praised in every other Ingersoll rand 311a air sander review.

3. Free Hand Speed of 12000 RPM

You can easily reach a speed of 12000 RPM. But you can change it up when you are working on a more delicate material. So, at the end – you will be able to choose which speed you prefer for your work from a large range.

4. Laser Precision Design

Ingersoll rand air sander 311a is also praised for its laser precision. You want precise cuts when you are working on the machine as a professional. Ingersoll rand air sander 311a give you professional like ending to your work with its precise air sanding.

5. Low Vibration, Noise Reduction Technology

It reduces vibration to a minimum. This allows you to sand through the materials without having any trouble at all. You can smoothly work without that added noise.


  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 10.5 x 6.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Size: 6
  • Item Model Number: 311A
  • Part Number: 311A
  • Warranty: 1-year


  • Great power
  • Strong body
  • Super Speed
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Low Noise
  • Comfortable Grips
  • Budget Friendly
  • Ball Construction


  • Does Not Have Any Hose to Collect Dust

Final Verdict

Some Ingersoll Rand Air Sander 311A reviews might argue that it is a classic machine, but we do not see it lacking any modern techniques. In fact, it has more feature than some of the modern air sanders. So, if you like comfort and power, you can give it a try.

That is all we had to say in this detailed Ingersoll Rand 311A review. Hopefully, you now have a clear idea about the product. Be sure to leave a comment if you have anything to ask. Happy buying!

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