Makita 3710 review For DIY & Professionals

A sander is a powerful device used to smooth surfaces from scratch with sandpaper. The Makita is a quality finishing sander, for furniture makers, fine woodworkers, or for anyone who wants a smooth finish on any piece of wood or metal.

If you want a smooth, flawless finish, Makita 3710 review will make sure how to attach the touching parts of the sander. The Makita BO3710 is smooth to operate; it is comparatively lightweight, no problems to use on perpendicular surfaces. For a sheet sander, it is not essentially the cheapest option, but you will get the quality finishing sander what you pay for.

01 Makita 3710 Overview

The Makita BO3710 is a powerful and handy 1/3 sheet sander. At the top of the device, there is an area for a barrel-shaped handle in addition to the custom handle. The ergonomic rubberized grip and handle as well as a built-in balance system designed to decrease vibrations, it is noiseless and comfortable to use.
Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander is a single speed sander. The powerful motor is sized to the large pad through finish smoothing operations. There are better options out there for quick stock removal to get delicate work. The default speed of this sanders strikes a good balance most of the time. The large base plate will help if the motor cannot do with raw power. Makita BO3710 review will suggest how to finish the maximum task faster than any 1/4 sheet sander.

The base plate gives the BO3710 a sturdy base which is a very crucial factor in our Makita 3710 review. The devices on this sander connect to a metal plate that takes and locks the sandpaper in place. Makita's design with wider opening jaws that make it smoother to insert the paper or any piece of metal.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

Majority of people takes common sense to know how to use a disc sander, but few of them know how to use a disc sander safely. Here we discuss some basic tips that anyone can apply when using this tool.

04 Pros

05 Cons

06 Final Verdict

Makita can handle large surfaces quickly when working in tight spaces. If you are searching for a sheet sander, you can find inexpensive sheet sanders, but they are not as better as Makita BO3710.

The BO3710 is usually a good sander along with its stunning price. It is powerful, noiseless, low vibrations and the dust collection is better than other sanders on the market. Makita 3710 review will give you a good value to find out what are the best disc sanders.

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