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Comie 750W Drywall Sander Review

Comie Drywall Sander Review

Are you searching for a sanding pad for the easy reach to the top of the wall? If you want a height adjustment sanding pad, Comie 750W Drywall Sander will be very trustworthy as it can remove your troublesome regarding the sanding purposes of the drywall by offering a perfect height adjustment feature for the easy access to the wall.

Comie Drywall Sander provides the sanding faster, easier and less messy. The variable speed adjustment capacity makes it appealing for sanding the hard metal even. It makes the material much more soften and smoothen which is very compatible with your painting mission to the curved, uneven or drywall.

Comie 750W Drywall Sander Overview

Electric drywall sander provides perfect speed, and you can complete your task of sanding with a minimal effort. You do not have to repeat or duplicate the task for having more soften drywall rather you can achieve it in a single attempt.

It is very lightweight and portable to your long-distance workstation easily. It does not create pressure on your wrist as you can handle this sanding pad without any hassle.

It has the dust collection hose that is the most wonderful offerings of this Comie 750w drywall sander as you do not have to collect the dust by your hand. This dust collection system also prevents the unpleasant event like explosion or sparks that could occur in the absence of the contaminants extraction system.


  • Weight: 11.03LBS
  • Sander Length: 63 inch
  • Speed: 1000-2000 r/min
  • Voltage/Frequency: 230/110V, 50/60Hz
  • Power output: 750W


  • Provides perfect speed
  • Require minimal effort
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Does not create pressure on the wrist
  • Prevents explosion or sparks


  • The handle is very hard that may cause hurt to your hand.

Feature Analysis

1. Disc Diameter

Drywall sander offers perfect diameter 8 of 8inch which can adjust different types of sandpaper depending on your wish. This diameter offers perfect grip to the sandpaper and fits well. You do not have to tighten the sandpaper frequently to get the perfect grip. So, it is user-friendly in the sense of size.

2. Power output

Comie 750w drywall sander offers 750W\speed, and it is adjustable from 1000-2000 r/min. If you want lower speed for sanding the sensitive metal, you can get it by switching the on/off button. This versatility makes it a favorable choice.

3. Aluminum frame

Aluminum frame is very durable and has the long-lasting capacity to provide better services for a long period. The head swivels make it easy to reach the top of the wall. This aluminum frame does not bear any scratches on the body part as it has the corrosion resistant capacity. Thus, the aluminum frame is suitable for the sustainability of this Comie 750w drywall sander.

4. Vacuum cleaner hose

The vacuum cleaner hose attached to the sander minimizes the cleanup time and increasing the efficiency of your works. By using this external vacuum cleaner attached to the sander the dust can extract easily. So, it reduces the risk of hazards to your hand.

Final Verdict

This Comie Drywall Sander provides excellent services as it has the quality parts and accessories enough to bring smoothness to the drywall. It offers perfect blend to make soft that is essential for preparing the wall for painting.

Though there is a pitfall this can be avoided by creating awareness regarding this issue. The grip system that handles offers is very hard and may wound your hand. So, you can wear gloves to keep your hand smooth. If you can handle this silly pitfall, then you will be able to get the optimal advantage worthy of the money spent on it. Above all Comie Drywall Sander is an appreciable product in our opinion.

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