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BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300 Orbital Sander Review for You

Black and Decker Orbital Sander

Sanding furniture is always challenging, as there are a lot of corners and gaps that require sanding properly to get the furniture back into life. Black and Decker have got the reputation to produce a quality power tool for their users to make every job look easy and comfortable. BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300 is the kind of tool that might not be the strongest tool from Black and Decker but still have enough potential to make the users smile. Continue with this Black and Decker orbital sander review to learn details about this tool which may help you to improve your sanding experience.

Key Features of BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300

1. Paddle switch

Black and Decker come with paddle switch for this model which helps the users to switch it on or off easily during the works.

2. Ergonomic Design

The design of the tool relates to palm sander, and the users obviously need to work one handed with it. It suits with the palm comfortably, and the users might only feel the vibrations, nothing extra pressure on the palm as the grip of the tool is nicely rounded which comes comfortably in the palm. So the users might not feel any stiffness while holding the tool for long.

3. High-speed of the Motor

The 2amp and 120 Volt motor leads this simple and compact tool to run at a speed of 1600 orbits per minutes without pressure, which makes it an efficient tool over any kind of wood piece.

4. The detail and Flush Sanding

This simple Black & Decker orbital sander can easily reach the gaps and corners where the users need to reach frequently while working on furniture and the detail sanding becomes easier with it. Also, if you are working on wood pieces, it gives you the perfect service when you need to sand the joints to make it look perfect. 270-degree flush sanding ability takes it the next level.

5. Dust collection

This product features high-performance dust collection to provide you with a clean work surface.

6. Portability

The weight and the compact size of the tool help the users to carry it anywhere just putting it in the bag.


  • Type Orbital sander
  • Dimensions 8.8? x 5.1? x 6.3?
  • Motor Amperage 2 amp
  • Voltage 120 Volt
  • Speed 1600 OPM
  • Sheet type ¼ sanding sheet
  • Weight 3 lbs.
  • Power source Corded electric
  • Warranty 2 years limited


  • Smaller size helps to reach the corners and gaps easily
  • Collects dust and keeps the workspace clean
  • Quicker motor to help the users to work faster
  • Lightweight tool to help the users to work one-handedly
  • 2 years limited warranty


  • The filtration creates problem to take in the dust when heavily working on surfaces
  • To clip the sanding paper perfectly need to cut the paper bigger than the size which leads to ultimate waste of sanding paper

Our Findings

Every tool has got their own specialty which makes it a useful tool for the users and there can’t be any drawbacks. Let’s make the Black and Decker orbital sander review even with all the facts.

1. Performance

The first thing we look for when we are going for an electric sander is the orbits per minute and the motor power. This BDEQS300 is really satisfying with its 2 amp and 120 Volt motor. According to the manufacturer, it runs 1600 orbits per minute, which sounds great and it performs great also, but the edges of the sanding pad do not sand as it does at the center. So when you need to sand the corners, you need to push a little harder.

Its dust collection has been brilliant, and every user liked it, but the tri-layer filtration system is not always supportive. When sanding heavily with this tool the dust gets blocked because of the filtration system and goes out in the air instead of accumulating in the dust bag with sanders. Though this model is featured as ¼ the sheet, you exactly use a ¼ of a full sanding paper as you need to clip in the paper with the clipper to work perfectly. So you need to make ½ of the sanding paper and use it.

2. Ease of use

The tool is just 3 lbs. in weight, and the weight does not let it down. Its motor with great speed gives the performance a user always wants. Also, the compact size helps the users to reach every gap, and detail sanding becomes simple for the users when they can reach every bit of furniture with a power sanding tool.

3. Price

Considering the size and performance of this tool, there is no way you can complain about the price of this Black and Decker tool. This is another positive side of this tool that no one can neglect.

How to Use BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300 Orbital Sander?

1. Where should we use this Black and Decker orbital sander?

You need to keep in mind that it’s a ¼th sheet sander with a square sanding pad. So it’s better to use while you need to perform the detail sanding around the furniture.

2. How to make good use of the dust collection port and dust bag?

Sanding does create a lot of dust, so it becomes tough to handle the dust efficiently also we have seen that the filter on the dust collection port creates problem while working heavily. So we need to clear the dust in the regular interval in order to get the best service from the  dust collection port some also suggest to put off the filter and work which also can be a short term solution.

Customers’ Feedbacks

This BLACK and DECKER BDEQS300 might be a small tool; it has got the usability to satisfy its users in a great way. The Amazon users have rated it around 4.4 stars which reflect that it has satisfied most of the users. But some customers have complained about the filter in the dust collection port. However, there is no complaint about its sanding ability.

Whom Is Orbital Sander Ideal For?

Sanding furniture is always a bit challenging as it is not wide open like a single wood piece. For sanding furniture, you need something that can reach the corners and the gap easily. BDEQS300 with the compact size can easily access the areas where another big sanding machine can’t reach. You might be a hobbyist, woodworker or small-scale wood turners; you need to have a sander that would do your small piece of work instantly. So, you can see it’s a great piece of tool to help the users with their detail sanding jobs.

Our Final Thoughts

Probably you are reading this Black and Decker orbital sander review to know our ultimate verdict on this product. And, here it is.

BDEQS300 black and decker sander with its portability and ergonomic design prove to be very helpful for the detail and flush sanding. With its 1600 opm orbital speed, it is able to bring off all the surfaces quite impressively though it’s smaller in size. We hope this Black and Decker orbital sander will help to improve your sanding performances to the next level.


Question : What will be the best way to manage ¼ the sheet and replace the used one?
Answer : It’s better to buy a full sheet and cut the sheet into half. Make holes in the paper with a punching tool. The holes in the sheet will enable you to make the most of the dust port and keep the workspace clean.

Question : What about the pattern on the wood when sanding with BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300?
Answer : The wood pattern is something you should care about when sanding to minimize the scratches on the surfaces. There is nothing to worry with this tool as it just vibrates and in a small area and does not leave its impact deeply.

Question : Is BDEQS300 a good choice for heavy stock removal?
Answer : For smaller spaces, it is intelligent to work with BDEQS300, but when you have an open and wide big piece of wood to sand, then you can use the other larger orbital sander to make things quick.

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