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Certified Refurbished Ryobi BE319 Belt Sander Review

Certified Refurbished Ryobi belt sander 3x

Are you standing before a large table and scratching your head? Thinking about the process to give your furniture a new look. Well, you need to sand the furniture first to change the look. Ryobi belt sander 3×18 can be really a good one to help you out in this situation. How it works on the surfaces? Belt sanders are a tool that runs an abrasive belt continuously and sands the surfaces. Ryobi belt sander also does the same thing, but the satisfying thing is you have the rubberized double grip option to control the tool as required. Let’s check out how this mini belt sander works and how it can help the users.

Ryobi BE319 Belt Sander Explained

When you see a product refurbished, you will definitely get confused, and most of the time you not might feel to go for it. In this case, no one will fill like this as the product is certified by the manufacturer and backed by a 1-year warranty which is not a common scene for most of the refurbished items. You should be now a bit relaxed about this tool as the manufacturer is giving you the backup. What about its performance? Though it is a refurbished tool, you can see it’s a certified one. The manufacturer claims it to be working as the new ones.

What do other users think about this tool? In many cases, users have found it really helpful as it is a budget-friendly and efficient tool. It runs at a speed of 820 FPM at no load which is more than enough to work with a belt sander. You just need to gently hold it on top of the surface for sanding. Don’t put any extra pressure it will slow down the machine a bit. You might think what if the belt gets clogged with the debris from the surfaces. Use a belt sander cleaner to make the belt run like new every time. Is it a wide belt sander? No, not enough. It’s just about 3×18 in size, which is pretty cool for the DIY users.

Whom Is Ryobi BE319 Belt Sander For?

This kind of tool is great to work with large furniture and wood pieces. There are many models available of the belt sander which offers you to set the tool like a sanding platform. There you will be able to take care of the rusty metal items and get the metal items to get back to work. While you might not be able to set this tool upside down to set it as a sanding platform but certainly you will be able to use this tool directly on a wood piece or wooden furniture to give them a new look.


  • Dimensions 13.6″ x 6.6″ x 7″
  • Item Weight 6.78 lbs
  • Color Green
  • Part Number ZRBE319
  • Status Refurbished (certified)
  • Speed 820 FPM
  • Amperage 6 amp
  • Power Source Cord
  • Warranty 1 year


  • Reaches the tight areas easily because of the low-profile design
  • Grip for both the hand gives the users better control and performance
  • Just a simple tip of a finger to switch on or off the machine
  • No tool required to deal with tracking knob or the belt tension
  • Helps to maintain a clean work area with the dust collection unit


  • The design is only suitable to apply directly on a surface can’t be used as a sanding platform to work on metal objects

Our Remarks

Most of the heavy belt sander comes with the disc sander, but this kind sander does not come with the disc sander option. That kind of belt disc sander is not dragged able, but you can enjoy the mobility by using this Ryobi belt sander 3×18. You will be able to move with it from one end to another to sand the wood pieces perfectly. Its double grip gives better control of your sanding job and helps you to be perfect. Though it’s a refurbished tool, you will definitely enjoy it.


Question : Is there any case provided with the package to store the tool safely?

Answer : No, there is no case supplied with the tool for helping the users to store and carry it safely and comfortably.

Question : Which size abrasive belt do I need to operate with this tool?

Answer : You will need a 3ʺx18ʺ belt which will work nicely on this belt sander.

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