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EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS Mini Belt Sander 1×30 Reviews

Generic Mini Bench Belt Sander

While working on the metal items, you need a belt sander to sand them properly. Even for rough sharpening, a bench belt sander 1×30 would do great. Here you have got the Generic Mini Bench Belt Sander that has got the power and compact size to comfortably get into your backyard workspace. What you may ask, am I going to have the required sanding service? That’s what we do for you finding the facts about this tool. Generic mini benchtop sanders come with a powerful 3-amp motor that rotates the sanding blade with great effort. You can simply get rid of all rust and sharp edges when you have this kind of powerful tool with you. From the following discussion, you will get a clear view on how it works and how it helps its users?

EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS Mini Belt Sander 1×30 Explained

This is a small tool but has got all the features to satisfy a sander. Its 3-amp motor runs at a speed of 3400 RMP. It gives you the output of 360 watt which is really great for a small tool like this. With its great speed, you will find it helpful to perform all the metal and wood sanding DIY jobs. When working on a belt sander with a metal item you need to use some sort of lubricant to keep the heat generation in control. Water is a good liquid to keep the metal and belt cool. It will help you to get durable sanding belts. It would have been great if this sander worked like the wet belt sander.

It’s so simple to use. You just need to hold the object before the belt, no need to put pressure on the belt. The speed and the sharpness of the belt will do the rest. You don’t need any guidance on how to use a belt sander. Once you get in touch with this Generic bench belt sander, you will forget about the customized homemade belt sander. Metal belt sander stand of this tool gives it the strength to be upright against all the heavy duty. While working on a belt sander, anyone would think about what grit sand belt should I use? This tool uses the 1″ x 30″ sand belt which is really helpful to get the DIY sanding projects.

Whom Is Generic Mini Bench Belt Sander For?

Belt sanders can be used for both metals and woods. This Generic belt sander runs at a great speed to take on any rusty metal object or any wood piece for making the surface and edges smooth. Whoever works closely to metal and wooden items would need this kind of tool badly. Moreover, this Generic sanding tool has the compact size to get accepted by any sanders corner.


  • Product Dimensions 14.5ʺ x 10ʺ x 10ʺ
  • Item Weight 1.11 pounds
  • Belt Sander Size 1″ x 30″
  • Table Size 5″ x 5″
  • Table Tilt 0 ~ 45º
  • Item model number 78SAND
  • Vacuum Diameter 1-3/4″
  • Power 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Amperage 3.0 AMP
  • Wattage 360 Watts
  • Motor 1/3 HP
  • Speed 3400 RPM
  • Power Source Corded-electric


  • Small tool easily gets in any sanders corner
  • Small tool but enough wide sand belt to work comfortably
  • Powerful tool with great output
  • No hassle to put it in the corner of your workshop
  • Tilting table helpful to work


  • Need to use some sort of lubrication to keep the working objects and belt cool

Our Remarks

Most of the belt sander we get to see is one kind of palm sander. Generic comes with the bench belt sander to help the users for their metal sharpening jobs. By setting it on top of your workbench, you can maintain a better posture and enjoy the working. Don’t go on its size; it has got the speed and powerful sanding belt to make sure you are doing all the jobs perfectly. No rust is left on your metal tools if you feel tempted you can check out to Amazon belt sander section to check all the available sanders. Improve your sanding experience with Generic bench belt sander.


Question : Is this tool enough for sanding metal? Are the belts available for this tool?
Answer : This might be a small tool in size but have got the efficiency to help you sanding the metal objects. It uses the standard sanding belt, so no worry about the availability of the belt.

Question : Hello, I need to know the shipping box size and weight. Can you help? Thanks.
Answer : You can see the dimension of the tool. So, the box size would be around the measurement of the dimensions. Now the weight, the shipping weight is about 14 lbs. You are welcome.

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