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Best Car Cover for the Money – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Who likes to see their car with stains while leaving for office in the morning? Nothing can be more annoying than this. Besides, rain or sun also affect your cars and even if you leave it in your garage. So, the only solution is using a car cover that secures your car when you leave it in your garage or somewhere else.  If you need your car to last longer, you should use the best car cover that comes with a number of features and secure your car in all weathers.

A good car cover usually comes with three to five layers for extra protection, and its aim is not only to prevent dust, but it also makes sure that the car is also protected from sunlight and rain. Having UV rays protection is also important as these rays damage the color of the cars. Besides, heavy rain also causes rust to some parts of the car and a good cover ensures the safety from these incidents. A good cover is a machine and hand washable; so that you can clean it when it is dirty. In this review, we have selected some car covers, and each of them is the best of that category. You should read the complete review to be knowledgeable.

A Quick View of Our Reviewed Car Cover

Pick Name Thumbnail Product Name Price
1st Budge Lite Car Cover Budge Lite Car Cover $27
2nd Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover $46
3rd Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover $50
4th Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover $80
5th Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover $60
6th Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover $59
7th OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover $70
8th XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover $32
9th YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover $48

Best Car Cover to Consider Buying

Before buying the car cover, make sure that it suits your car, or your buying will be useless. You should check it even if the cover fits a large number of car models. Then, we think the price is also important, and a number of verities will be noticed by you in the market. You can buy a car cover in only $20; on the other hand, the $80 car cover also waits for you. So, you don’t need to worry about; you can get the best car cover at your affordable price. Additionally, some are things you need to know about which are mentioned in the review; read the complete article until you find what you look for.

Top 09 Best Car Cover for the Money

01 Budge Lite Car Cover

Budge Lite Car Cover

Are you looking for a car cover for both indoor and outdoor use? Budge Lite Car Cover is the cover you are looking for. Though it is mainly for using Indoor like in your garage, you can also use it in the outside too. It features double stitched lines for ensuring the complete protection of your cars and its paints. Why paints? Yes, it is important more than anything because many covers are found in the market; that pull out the car paints, and it makes the car look old and dirty.

Budge Lite Car Cover comes with elastic hem to cove the car securely, and its optimal size covers your car accurate. However, if you have more than a single car, this cover will be a good advantage. It fits different car models to satisfy you and to be proud of your investment. The covers work well until the length of your car is in 16 inches and 8 feet. The full cover weighs only three pounds, but its performance is surprising. It comes to you with most common car cover color, gray. However, if you think of the durability, calm down and use it carefully. It doesn’t disappoint its users.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 9 Inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Size: 3
  • Color: Grey
  • Model number: B-3
  • Part Number: B-3
  • Folding: No


  • Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Storage
  • Double Stitched Lines
  • A Complete Plastic Hem
  • Capacity Of Covering Different Model Cars
  • Durable


  • Not For Regular Outdoor Use


Question : Is this cover completely waterproof?
Answer : No, it doesn’t secure your car from water, but it protects the car from sun, dirt and other bird droppings. So, you no longer have to clean car every morning just to get rid of dust or bird waste stain. However, its lightweight can satisfy you.

Question : Is this cover a good pick for a garage car?
Answer : A garage is completely safe from water, and its main problem is the dust. This car cover is made to secure your car from dust and other stains like if you have pets, it is not surprising that they will walk the whole night on the cars.

Our Remarks

A common misunderstanding is noticed while seeing or asking about the use of Budge Lite Car Cover. A number of users have claimed that the cover is torn away, but they are not aware of the instruction that comes with this pack. The company mentions clearly that this car cover is mainly for indoor use and you can use it outdoor in an emergency. If you use it as an outdoor cover, it is not surprising that the car cover will be torn away. Follow the instruction, and it will serve the way you want. However, if you look for a regular outdoor cover, please choose another one.

02 Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover

What if you notice some areas of your car surface lost paints? Well, we are convinced that a car is painted with a machine and it is not easy to pull the paints off. However, if you talk to fifty people who use cover, you will find half of them are suffering from paints off problem. Many of them are not aware of the issue. Many reasons are behind this, but the noticeable one is the car cover. Some cover sticks to the car and pulls paints off while removing the cover. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover is made with soft fabric for making it opposite of this and it takes care of your car paint; it doesn’t stick to the car even you cover your car with this for several days.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover features elasticized hem for optimal fitting. An accurate fitting cover protects your car from different incidents like blowing air. A fitting cover ensures that the cover suits the car accurately and whether it is sun, dust or rain, the car won’t be affected. This awesome cover weighs only 4.5 pounds, and it allows you to store in the storage bag that it comes with. Still Feeling risky? Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover comes with two years warranty; so , you are tension free for ten years.


  • Dimensions: 209 x 73.5 x 45 Inches
  • Weight: 4.5 Pounds
  • Color: Biodiesel
  • Part Number: 1001005100100
  • Folding: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Limited)


  • Soft Fabric For Securing Color
  • Antenna Reinforcement Patch
  • Elasticized Hem For Custom Fit
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • No Worry Of Scratches On the Car


  • Not Heavy Rain Protected


Question : Can you wash this cover?
Answer : Though dust might be removed easily, removing bird stain is not possible unless you wash the cover; so, this cover allows you to remove the bird stain clearly by washing.

Question : Is there any option to get the color I want?
Answer : Car cover is made in some common colors, and it is not possible for the color you want; but, you can choose from the existing colors.

Our Remarks

Though this cover comes with many advantages, it is not the perfect car cover in the market. It is usable in rain and sun; but, it doesn’t have the capacity of protecting your car from heavy rains. However, it is made to take care of the company, and the manufacturer understands what to feature within the price. It doesn’t scratch your car, and no dirt or dust can touch your car when you use this cover on it. Just secure the cove in the heavy rain.

03 Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover

Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover

Which car cover you want to buy no matter; but, you need a car cover that is fitting to your car. A cover that doesn’t fit is completely useless at least to the user. Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover eliminates tension regarding this. Its hem is made with elastic that ensures accurate fitting to your car. But, one thing or factor you must keep in mind that the company offers may cover, and it shows car models for assuring the suitability; do not forget to notice this.

Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover comes with a zippered system at the driver side door so that accessing in the car becomes easy; even though the car is covered. Besides, it also features antenna reinforcement patch. The color of this cover is charcoal, and it weighs 7.5 pounds. It offers a three-year warranty to secure your investment and keeps you tension free until you understand that you have bought one of the best car covers in the market.


  • Dimensions: 209 x 73.5 x 45 Inches
  • Weight: 7.5 Pounds
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Model number: 10-014-261001-00
  • Part Number: 10-014-261001-00
  • Warranty: 3 Years (Limited)


  • Zippered Side For Easy Access
  • Antenna reinforcement Patch
  • Elasticized Hem For Custom Fit
  • Including A Storage Bag
  • Long-time Useable


  • No Buckles or Straps For Wind Protection


Question : Will this car cover fit 2005 dodge neon?
Answer : Well, this cover has the capability of covering 2005 dodge neon completely. However, sometimes we think that the cover will be too big for your car.

Question : Is this material waterproof?
Answer : This car cover is water resistant but not waterproof. But, it is still used by a thousand people for its reliable service to their cars.

Our Remarks

Well, Classic Accessories Sedan Car Cover is suitable for those who would like to use their car covers for a long time because this cove is made for durable service. It allows you to customize the fitting for optimal use with your car. However, we recommend not use it in the heavy windy area because it doesn’t have any buckles to tie it for the security of blowing off. This cover features a lot of surprising advantages that convince the users in no time, but the user care is a must for getting its durable service.

04 Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover

Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover

Though many covers are advertised claiming that they serve outdoor like a pro outdoor car cover, the real scenario is completely different. As a result, customers have lost their belief from other similar covers, to get your trust back, Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover promises the complete protection of your car without regarding whether it is indoor or outdoor. The cover secures your vehicle from the stains of garage pets like cats or dogs. No dust touches your car till it is covered with this car.

Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover includes buckles for giving you the optimal service even in the wind. As the cover is made to serve you in outdoor, the wind is not uncommon; so, it brings you the win protection at the same time. Its elastic hem comes for excellent fitting with your car model. This ash color vehicle cover weighs 8.65 pounds and its service wonders any user. It has the capacity of satisfying anyone; so, you need not worry about the performance of the cover.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 15.5 x 9.5 Inches
  • Weight: 8.65 Pounds
  • Color: Ash
  • Model number: 10301028
  • Part Number: 10301028
  • Folding: No


  • Perfect Protection For Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • No Worry Of Car Paints Scratching
  • Including Buckles For Securing From Wind
  • Elastic Hem For Accurate Fit
  • Coming With A Plastic Bag


  • Leaving Scratches On the Car


Question : Can I wash this car cover?
Answer : This car is made for making it suitable for washing; so that you don’t have to use a dirty car cover for a long time. But, do not use cold water, warm water, and a soft cloth can clean the cover completely.

Question : Is this cover really waterproof?
Answer : Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover is waterproof, and long-time rain doesn’t touch your car and secures the vehicle completely. However, the extreme sun might be harmful to the cover and can damage it within a short period of time.

Our Remarks

The experience of using Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover was really awesome and the whole team surprises with its performance. We hope this car cover has the capacity of satisfying any user. Its Indoor-Outdoor use, buckles for avoiding winding off the car. It’s fitting is also satisfactory. Meanwhile, we have found issues with the car paint. Though the company claims it free from paint scratches, it leaves scratches on the car. The scratch is not that much rough; except for this issue, this cover is quite fine.

05 Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover

Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover

The car cover review has a large number of options, but very few of them can challenge Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover when the question of versatility arises. This covers can ensure your car will be away from the water as this cover is completely waterproof. The surface of the cover is made with polyester materials that work for water protection. It also features seeping proof seams for optimal protection of the users. Elastic hem comes to makes sure the accurate fitting while covering the car.

Leader accessories understand the value of your time and money. It takes money promising you the service, and it stops you to tweet any negative feedbacks with its features and performance. It features multi-layers, and the different layer is made from different materials to offer different responsibilities. This cover is mainly for those who look for extra protection for their car. Need high-quality protection? Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover is a wonderful choice for you, and it won’t disappoint you.


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.6 x 8.2 Inches
  • Weight: 8.65 Pounds
  • Color: Ash
  • Model number: 10301008
  • Part Number: 10301008


  • 100 % Security From Water
  • Seeping Proof Seams
  • Multi-layers For Extra Protection
  • Elastic Hem For Snug Fit
  • Straps For Securing From Wind


  • Not Suitable For Heavy Rain


Question : Does this cover work for snow?
Answer : We haven’t experienced this cover for snow, but it works great for rain. We assume that this might not work on regularly for snow, but it might work for you in an emergency.

Question : Does the fabric used to scratch paint?
Answer : No, you find no scratch on your car as this cover doesn’t affect the car paint even after covering the car in the rain. Besides, the fabric used also is soft enough and takes care so that the color of the cat is not affected.

Our Remarks

Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover is 100 percent secured in water, but the situation is different about heavy rain. This cover fails to protect the car completely during heavy rain, and the car gets wet. The conclusion is confusing because while collecting information from other users, we notice that many of them agree that the cover can deal with the heavy rain successfully but some of them are at the opposite side. However, we recommend you not use it in heavy rain for a long time. Otherwise, this waterproof car cover is good enough for protecting cars from dust, rain, sun, UV rays, leaves, and pet stains.

06 Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover

Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover

Want a cover that works for your car for the whole year without regarding whether it is summer or winter? Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover is a perfect choice. It comes with all-weather safety features to ensure that your car is safe in any weather. In the manufacturing, breathable fabric has been used for protecting cars from corrosion. So, your car surface is fresh. Besides, this cover also resists sunlight that also affects the color and material of the cars.

Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover doesn’t cover one model car, and it makes it more popular compared to others. Whether you buy online or offline, read the instructions and model numbers to find a huge range of cars. If you are lucky, this one car cover can work with your other cars too. Its paint safe layer is also mention-worthy; it secures the car from heat. It lasts a long time; so, buying once, you can use it for a long period of time.


  • Dimensions: 228 x 80 x 49 Inches
  • Weight: 5.85 Pounds
  • Size: 228 Inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Model number: CC-345+LOCK
  • Part Number: CC-345+LOCK
  • Folding: No


  • All Weather Safety Feature
  • Breathable Fabric For Corrosion Protection
  • Paint Safe Layer For Heat Resistant
  • Capacity Of Covering Different Model Cars
  • Serving For Longer Time


  • Not UV Proof


Question : Will Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover fit a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice convertible?
Answer : Probably, this cover won’t suit your car cover, but if you choose a larger car cover, that will be great for you. This cover is usually small, but for any small car, it suits great. To avoid the issue, we request you to confirm whether your car model matches this cover or not.

Question : Can I use this cover with A Nissan Sentra 2015?
Answer : Well, it suits quite okay, but we doubt that if you would like to cover your complete car like a packet. As you don’t want to face any further hassle, we ask you to buy a large one that accurately suits car cover.

Our Remarks

Motor Trend Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover is suitable for any weather. It offers corrosion protection with its breathable fabric, and its paint layer secures from heat and scratches. It covers different models of car and lasts for a long time. Meanwhile, it doesn’t offer any warranty, and it could be additional security for the user. Besides, it resisted sunlight but failed to prevent UV rays, so, we don’t recommend leaving it in the extreme sun for long hours. Without these two issues, we haven’t noticed anything, and a large number of people still believe in this cover.

07 OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

Looking for a strong car cover that prevents dust and water from harming your vehicle? OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover is a reliable choice. It features five layers, and each layer offers different types of protection.  For instance, though water somehow enters into the cover, no such chance is possible here. So, this cover ensures 100 percent water protection. It comes with strong seams that make the construction even stronger. So, you don’t worry about the durability of the cover.

It offers you semi glove fit with rear elastic hems. It fits a large number of cars. So, see from the instruction and model list; whether your car suits or not. The covers are made with heavy duty materials, and it features superior breathability. Interested to know about the size? Its length is 229 inches, and it comes in gray color. The size is a standard size, and it fits many car models. So, once you buy this cover, you might change the car, but your cover still works with your new car unless it is missing in the selection


  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 7.1 x 13.1 Inches
  • Weight: 44 Pounds
  • Size: 229 Inches
  • Color: Grey
  • Model number: SKU-745-CLASSIC
  • Part Number: SKU-745-CLASSIC
  • Folding: No


  • Providing Waterproof Five Layers
  • Strong Seams
  • Rear Elastic Hems For Semi Glove Fit
  • Featuring Superior Breathability
  • Tie Down Security Grommets


  • No Warranty


Question : Does this cover stick to the car when it is wet?
Answer : Nylon Cotton is used in this cover to make sure that it doesn’t stick to the car even the cover is wet. This car cover is waterproof, and water doesn’t reach the car till it is used to cover the car.

Question : Will this cover protect bird droppings?
Answer : OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover is made to protect your car. So, whether it is bird dropping or other dust, this cover is capable of saving your car from these stains. So, your car surface looks new, and the vehicle lasts for a long time.

Our Remarks

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover is made thinking of the necessity of the car, and that convinces to end up with the manufacturing of this cover in five different layers. Each and every layer is used for the betterment of the car. It is completely waterproof and resists sunlight when you keep your car Outdoor. However, it doesn’t come with any warranty. It can work for without warranty. Use it, and it makes you happy.

08 XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover

XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover

UV ray is a harmful ray that usually comes with sunlight. It damages human skin, and car surface materials are also affected by this. Searching and experiencing a number of car covers, we have found XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover that reduces your tension of sun rays. The cover not only secures your car from the extreme heat it also secures from UV rays. The rays also harm the color of the car. Meanwhile, the car cover comes with buckles for ensuring that the wind doesn’t blow off the car.

XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover features double stitch seams that strengthen the cover from the construction; so that it can perform the heavy-duty act without any concern about the user. The cover has elastic hems for assuring the complete fitting with your car model. It serves for a long period of time. Need to store for some days? It includes a storage bag; so that you can store it safely.


  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.8 x 7.7 Inches
  • Weight: 4.45 Pounds
  • Size: 200 Inches
  • Color: Grey
  • Model number: FBA_ES101102
  • Part Number: FBA_ES101102
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • Double Stitch Seams
  • Snug Fit With Elastic Hems
  • Wind Protection Capacity With Buckle Strap
  • Protection From UV Rays
  • Including Storing Bag
  • Durable Service


  • Not Pro Water Resistant


Question : Is this cover machine washable?
Answer : Well, we haven’t experienced this, but as we have talked to a number of users, many of them said that it could be harmful in a machine wash. Based on the suggestions, we recommend you not to use this cover in the machine rather wash in hands.

Question : What material is used to make this cover?
Answer : Though a car cover is made with different types of materials for its different layers for ensuring the highest and reliable performance. In the making of this cover, the main element is polypropylene.

Our Remarks

The length of this car cover is 200 inches, and it weighs 4.45 pounds. The weight is not much, but its performance is mention-worthy. Its double stitching makes it stronger that plays important to make it durable. For saving in a windy place, it comes with straps and buckles to tie it. Its UV rays protection is also significant. However, it is not a pro water resistant. So, take cation when you use it in the rain.

09 YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover

YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover

Usually, the lining on a car cover is like engraved one, and it scratches the car surface while removing or covering the car. It makes the car look weird and old. YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover is made with extra care remembering the scratching problem ahead. This car cover is completely scratching-proof, and it ensures your car surface is clean. In the meantime, while using, don’t think of the season, it works in any season. Winter or summer doesn’t affect the performance.

It comes with adjustable straps and buckles; so that the cover can protect the car in a windy environment. No dust or dirt touches your car till you yourself expose the car. It also allows you to park in the street ensuring the complete security of your car. Its stitched seams also work for the durability of the car. Want to know more? The length of this cloth is 169 inches, and it weighs 5.1 pounds. Its dark blue color is exceptional for a car cover. Once you buy this car cover, you recommend it to others.


  • Dimensions: 169.3 x 70.9 x 63 Inches
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Size: 169 Inches
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Part Number: C03-14-x1y
  • Folding: No


  • Usable In Any Weather
  • Scratch Proof Lining
  • Adjustable Buckle And Strap For Wind Protection
  • Stitched Seams For Durability
  • Ensuring Safety For Street Parking


  • Not Suitable For Windy Places


Question : Does this cover fit Honda Accord?
Answer : Though YITAMOTOR All Weather Proof Universal Fit Car Cover fits a number of car models. Still, it doesn’t fit the all like Honda Accord. However, with Honda Civic, this car cover fits perfectly.

Question : Does it fit Toyota Camry 2011?
Answer : No, this cover doesn’t work with Toyota Camry 2011. For your information, usually every car cover shows a list of car models and before choosing, make sure that your car is on the list.

Our Remarks

The usability in weather makes it popular, and more users have begun to use it. Whether it is sun or rain or any other rough weather, you can put into service at any time without harming the car cover. Besides, it doesn’t make scratched on the car surfaces. Its stitched seams play an important role to make this car cover durable. It works in the windy area, but if the wind is much, it might raise an issue. The issues are negligible compared to the advantages of the cover. It has everything to take care of your car as a cover.

Best Car Cover for the Money – Buying Guide

Car cover is not that much expensive, and you can buy one at only $20. But, while buying, the price is not the only thing to notice; there are some important features that should be noticed to ensure that you have picked the best car cover for you. We have made the following checklist for your assistance.


Size is very important though one car cover fits many different model cars. If you buy a car cover from a market going there in person, ask for the catalog that shows the car models that best fit the cover. If you buy from any online store, make sure that you choose to mention your car model; unless your buying can be useless.


The car cover that is weatherproof ensures the required security for your car. Even it rains at a stretch, the waterfalls down immediately, and the cover remains dry. So, the water cannot reach the car.

Superior Dry Time

Using a car cover outdoor means, it will wet and dry; while buying, make sure the cover dries fast. This depends on the fabrics that are used to manufacture the cover. Some fabrics absorb water immediately; others take much time. Your cover must be with pro absorption power.


UV rays are bad for cars, and they damage the car colors. So, choose a car cover that resists UV rays and secures the color of your car.


When a car is stored in a garage, the main aim of using a car cover is to save the car from dust. It is not only applicable for indoor use; outdoor use has much more dust than that of indoor. Choose to buy a car cover that is completely dust-proof.


The surface of the cover that contacts the car surface should be smooth and super soft. Assure that the lower layer is soft enough to secure your car surface from any scratch.


No one wants to buy a car cover every day. So, before buying, talk to the experienced users and read buying guide. When you are sure that the car cover lasts a long time that is satisfactory to you; enlist it in the buying list.

User Area

The weather of your location is very important; for example, if your province has winter for a long time, you need to buy a winter car cover; you can also call them hail proof car cover. This kind of car cover for snow is used as auto cover at the same time. A hail car cover features more layers for extra security.

Where to use what

Whether you buy a Corvette car cover or rain x car cover, you must have to remember; where to use which car cover. The best covers for indoors might not perform better in outdoor; similar, the best outdoor car covers perform the worst in the garage. So, make sure where you will use the cover.

Remembering the Extras


Ce cover is not heavy products, but still, the can be damaged due to the wrong delivery path. So, ask about the delivery procedure and assure that you will receive the cover without any issue. Also, know the date or duration when the car cover will reach you.

Return Policy

Lear that the store you buy the car cover from is ready to return the covers based on any issues. Ask how the shipping will be made and who will bear the cost. If you have to bear the shipping cost, how much you have to pay and when to pay.


Though all the car covers do not come with a warranty, you should look for the covers that come with a warranty. Warranty secures your money and ensures extra security about your investment. If you get two or three years of warranty, the duration will be sufficient for you.

How to Use and Maintain Car Cover?

Safety Features

Look for the safety features. For instance, you don’t need to use the cover right after buying, and you want to store it. Make sure the pack or box is well protected. Any insect can attack and damage or make a hole of the cover.

Cleaning Car Cover

A car cover is cleaned in two ways, firstly in the machine and secondly with hand. However, before starting washing, read the instruction that comes with the cover because many car covers do not allow wash in the machine. The instruction must be followed.

Machine Wash

You have rare responsibility during machine wash. Give two or three covers in the machine at a time. Allow more or less covers based on the size of the covers and machines. Don’t allow to use warm water. The rest of the task will be done by the machine itself.

Hand Wash

Many car covers don’t permit to wash them in the machine for their manufacturing difference. You have to use your hand in this case. According to the roughness of the stains, use soap and spray the liquid on the stained place. Now, rough gently. Rinse the cover with normal water, neither cold nor warm.


While cleaning your car cover, you must remember the following steps:

  • Never Dry Clean
  • No Fabric softener to be used
  • No hot water washing

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you are well informed about these nine best car covers according to our research. We haven’t written this review merely visiting the webs randomly and picking any car cover that came to our eyesight. These car covers are the result of long-term research of our brilliant team members. Truly speaking, you can buy any of the covers, and that one is the best cover of that category. But, for making it sound even easier, we like to give you some more information.

You can see OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover and Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover first. These two covers have earned huge popularity, and they have the capacity to meet your needs. Between these two, Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover is more popular and it cost less compared to OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover. On the other hand, OxGord costs the highest price, but from the race of popularity, it lags a little behind. Still, its performance is praise-worthy. Look for more expensive covers? SUV car covers come with many features, and they are super expensive.

Well, we understand the matter of affordability; so, we have selected some cheap car covers and moderate covers. Budge Lite Car Cover, and Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover cost you less money and much satisfaction. But, the later one is much more trusted by the users compared to the other one. Leader Accessories Premium Car Cover is also popular but, its price is not the least. Rather, it comes at a reasonable price. No matter which one you buy from these three covers; they won’t disappoint you. Now, it’s your turn to take the final decision. It is an important point because choice and necessity become different based on the difference of the person. Read some more reviews or buying guides that can also be helpful.

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