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Best Makita Finishing Sander Case Review – Makita BO4556K

Are you searching for the palm sander that features less noise and vibration? Makita finishing sander comes with a ball bearing construction that helps it to be less noisy and vibrates less to avoid user fatigue. What else can you ask for when you get this kind of quality sander power tool? Let’s check out its features and how it can help a user.

Whom Is Makita Finishing Sander – Makita BO4556K For?

This Makita hand sander is not the kind of tool that can help you in heavy stock removal, but it can surely help you to sand the wooden workpiece for a finer finish. It can be used for making the sharp edges smooth and gives a better look. It’s a technically sound tool which makes less noise. It can be the tool to avoid noise pollution. It will help you keep energized for long hours. Also, it uses the random orbital method in its tiny holes to sand any workpiece. This makes it helpful to avoid the cross grain scratches and gives the best finish.

Makita BO4556K Explained

Makita BO4556K is a tool for finishing sanding. This Makita sander is not the tool for heavy stock removal though it has got the high definition motor with great speed. It uses the random orbital process to run the tool in its tiny holes. This random orbit sanding is helpful to without concerning the grain. It should not leave any mark if you drive the tool cross grain. Thus it becomes one of the best finishing sanders.

It has got the ball bearing construction which helps it to maintain less noise and vibration. It will help to keep the working environment user-friendly. Users might not feel fatigue while working for long hours on this tool because of its less vibration. Also, weight is a concern to avoid fatigue. It’s simply 7 lbs. in weight which makes it comfortable for one hand operation.

Its 2-ampere powerful motor enables the tool to provide an insane output of 200 watts. This highly efficient motor facilitates the tool with great speed of 14000 OPM. Makita not only cares about your work it also cares about your friends and family as it comes with an EMI (electromagnetic interference) component to make the tool safer. A sander power tool coming with such particle is quiet unbelievable. You don’t need any sander reviews when you are provided such quality.

Another example of Makita’s care is the warranty. Makita gives you a 1-year warranty on this tool. If you need a Makita repair, you just need to send the tool to Makita service center enjoy their service. Makita refurbished tools might fail to get the warranty facility. After getting such facilities, you might be thinking where to get this Makita USA? There is no need to go for Makita factory outlet just browse for Amazon and order it.


  • Product Dimensions 5.2ʺ x 4.4ʺ x 5.5ʺ
  • Item Weight 7.05 lbs
  • Item model number BO4556K
  • Amperage 2 amp
  • Voltage 120 volts
  • Wattage 200 watts
  • Speed 14000 OPM
  • Power Source corded-electric
  • Warranty 1 year


  • Comes with a case for comfortable storage
  • High-speed sanding tool for
  • Rubber sealed switch supports to run long
  • Comes with the dust collection port and bag to keep working environment fresh
  • Comfortable palm grip


  • Beware of the dust bag it comes off sometimes

Our Remarks

Makita palm sander helps you to give the finishing touch to your workpiece. It can take care of putty and varnish put on a wood piece. This finishing sander uses the random orbital motion to sand a wood piece. So, even if you drive the tool against the grain, there is very little chance of scratching which is really awesome. While working, you need to check if the dust bag is heavy because it may come out any time when it’s full. Otherwise, we have found the tool very efficient for finishing sanding job.


Question : Is it a 120-volt machine or 220 volts?
Answer : It’s a 120 volts machine. It will work with most of the electric system.

Question : What is the use of the plastic cylindrical device attached to the cord?
Answer : This simple plastic component is used for EMI (electromagnetic interference). It will help you to keep work zone safe from the electromagnetic wave. It’s better not to remove it

Question : Is there any speed adjustment option in this tool?
Answer : No, this square sander doesn’t have the speed adjustment.

Question : How does the sander head oscillate?
Answer : It’s a finishing sander. It runs in a random orbital motion.

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