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PORTER CABLE 352VS Variable-Speed Belt Sander Review

PORTER-CABLE 352VS Variable-Speed Belt Sander

The Porter Cable 352VS Belt Sander is greatly used by all the woodworkers and the crafters also. This item includes all the greater specifications that you enjoy and want to have in your workout procedure. The tough belt sanders and the porter cable polisher offer the powerful workout system in the sanding creation. This item includes the multi-use facilities, and this can be used for a diversity of works, and they are engraving, smoothing and finishing a superficial turning.

Unlike all the vibrant or detour sander system, this item is enough strong to use as the porter cable profile sander offers the direct action and the toughest workout facilities. This is recommended for your perfect workout as this would be the best friend for your perfect creative and complete workout.

The item dimensions of the product are 14.2 x 8 x 10.2 inches while the weight measures 10.75 pounds. The belt Size of the porter cable brad nailer comes at 3″ X 21” along with a cloth filth chute system. This porter cable finish nailer includes the corded plug-in system as the source of power and it runs into 850-1,300 SFPMs with its included variable rapidity structure. The Porter Cable Belt Sander comes to the customers with delivering 100g ironstone aluminum oxide and the builder’s 3-year restricted guarantee scheme.

The porter cable dovetail jig offers the durability and compact design along with the good handling assemblies and amenities. This porter cable drywall sander is portable and easy to carry facilities. It is equipped with the lightweight and advanced features. The porter cable combo kit offers the perpendicular exteriors along with it is easy to accumulate also. This porter cable sander also comes at the lower price ranges, and the porter cable 352vs is a hard tool with all the advanced instruments indeed.


  • Product Dimensions 14.2 x 8 x 10.2 inches
  • Item Model Numbe 352VS
  • Item Weight 10.75 pounds
  • Size 1
  • Color Gray|Grey
  • Part Number 352VS
  • SFPM Runs into 850-1,300 speed
  • Straps Delivers 100g ironstone aluminum oxide
  • Guarantee 3-year limited guarantee system


  • Durable and compact design
  • Comes with the portable and easy to convey facilities
  • Offers the lightweight and advanced tools
  • Offers the good handling structures and amenities
  • Can shingle perpendicular exteriors
  • Comes at the lower price ranges
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Sometimes the motor can be faced with burnt up problems
  • The item sometimes makes noises while working and takes time to start the program

Whom Is PORTER-CABLE 352VS Variable-Speed Belt Sander For?

This trendiest tool comes for the greater usages of the multiple users. But it is specially made for the craftsmen and the woodworkers who need to finish the woods. This trendiest product is strongly made for the usage of the carpenters also.

Our Remarks

To conclude, the Porter Cable Belt Sander is a perfect and durable structured instrument that comes to you with the fast and innovative designs. This sole product lets you offer the superior qualities along with the hard and fast features that you will enjoy.

The Porter Cable Belt Sander is a durable and portable gear system that attracts the users to purchase the trendiest tool. This item comes with some extraordinary and excellent features by which you can do your work smoothly. It has included the porter cable battery and also porter cable drill. These features make the product more apprehended and widely acceptable.


Question : What is about its constructors?
Answer : It is completed and improved in Mexico.

Question : What’s about its noise level?
Answer : This item is outside the 85dB series, and besides it adds an earshot detrimental side by side. This product includes the amount of exertion, feed rate, and

Question : Is this sander made for wet sanding?
Answer : Of course not. You can use this item only for dry usages.

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