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Dewalt Dw734 Planer Reviews For The Fastest Finish On Wood

Dewalt Dw734 Planer Reviews For The Fastest Finish On Wood

The Dewalt dw734 planer is a fast wood planer it has got the speed of 20,000 RPM per minute. The powerful 15 amp motor in it helps to make it possible to gain this much speed. The Dewalt planer makes it really simple for deeper and larger cuts in hardwood. It comes with 3 knife cutter head that has the RPM of 10,000. These knives can give 96 cuts per inch, which is incredible.

You have got the scale and depth adjustment handle on the Dewalt dw734. It ensures you get the desired thickness of a workpiece. There is no chance that you get the improper thickness of the woods. It makes the working easier and perfect. It needs to be precisely cut to get the best result.

The Dw734 has got two handles by the side to make the movement of this portable power tool easier. Its compact in size but has got the weight. This weight is helpful while working as it ensures the machine might not wobble while working. Also, it has got the four column carriage lock that makes sure that this tool has no chance to shake during the planning work is going on.

The Dewalt 734 features disposable and reversible knives. It allows the users to change the blade in the fastest and easiest way. These disposable knives serve thirty percent more than a regular blade. You need to use a dust hood to maintain the dust management in the Dewalt 734 planer. For an efficient collection of chips and debris need to use a vacuum cleaner or standing dust collector.


  • Product Dimensions 24 x 17 x 21 inches
  • Item Weight 80 pounds
  • size 12-1/2-Inch
  • Item model number DW734
  • Part Number DW734
  • Warranty Description Three-Year


  • Disposable And Reversible Knives Ensures 30 Percent More Knife Life
  • Fast And Easy Knife Change
  • The Dw734 Planer Has Got The Extra Long Infeed And Out Feed Table
  • Heavy But Compact In Size
  • Accurate Depth Adjustment
  • Ease To Carry Anywhere With The Provided Handles

Our Remarks

The Dewalt wood planer has got 3 knives to cut the woods. It has got a strong motor that can run at the speed of 20,000 rpm. You also get 10,000 rpm speed on the knives of Dewalt dw734 planer. With this kind of speed, the planer does all the task quickly and smoothly.

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