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Metabo SXE 450 Turbotec Review

Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec Review

Are you searching for an orbital sander to finish furniture and other wood projects? Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec can remove your troubles as it is very easy to control with comfortable textured grips. You will be wondering how this Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec provides clean finishes by removing high stock wastage loaded in the furniture. So, you can prepare your furniture for further painting through this sxe450.

This Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec orbital sander is perfect for finishing carpenters, cabinet makers, and woodworkers as it will give them exactly what they’re looking for great performance to excellent results. The tools are highly engineered with plastics and other material that offers toughness, rigidity, and lightweight to support portability and standard performance simultaneously.

Metabo SXE 450 Turbotec Overview

SXE450 Metabo random orbit line offers good performance ensuring zero vibration. The balls and roller bearings can remove the maximum amount of stock while producing little vibration.

Sxe 450 Turbotec also provides the advantages of power, longevity, and balance simultaneously for completing the better-quality job with maximum satisfaction. It requires a lot of less downtime to complete the task of sanding the furniture.

Th dust collection bag can bear a lot of dust together that will be helpful to keep the workplaces clean enough to work for a long time. Otherwise, the dust would create health hazards in the absence of this dust collection bag.


  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 7.1 x 8.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.95 pounds
  • Item Model Number: 600129420
  • Part Number: 600129420
  • Warranty Description: 1 yr. standard / 3 yr. with online registration


  • Offers vibration free performance
  • Remove maximum amount of stock
  • Offers power longevity and balance
  • Requires less downtime to finish the job
  • Keep the workplace clean through dust bag


  • There is no integrated dust collection system

Feature Analysis

1. Orbits Per Minute 8400-22000

Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec offers high speed by per minute 8400-22000 power which makes the task less time consuming and you can handle thousands of tasks with greater efficiency. There is speed adjustment system for doing the task with precision. By this perfect orbit speed, you can get better control over the tasks.

2. Dual Orbit Settings: 1/8″ Orbit

This Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec random orbit sanders has the speed and aggressiveness with the ability to produce a finer finish than that a standard slow speed orbital finishing sander as it has1/8″ orbit. They are perfect for prepping a surface for painting or sealing or preparing the layer of paint. Dual motion with rotation plus orbital action makes this dual action sander ideal for edging, feathering, and finishing.

3. 1/4″ Orbit

The 1/4″ orbit provides fast rotating motion for the quick stock removal which is very useful when you are refinishing the wooden floor or furniture. In the global furniture shops, this Metabo electronic disc sander is highly recognized for its wonderful stock removal capacity.

4. Auto-Stop Brushes

The brushes automatically stop when it creates too much pressure on the wood metal that can dissipate a part of layer of the wood much more than stock removal. No matter if you are lost consciousness, the auto stop brushes enables you to get smooth layer on the metal through stopping brushes.

Final Verdict

This dual setting Metabo Sxe 450 Turbotec provides excellent features for ensuring the quality of your refinishing purposes through angle or corner stock removal capacity.

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