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Central Machinery 4×36 Belt Sander | Hand-Held Disc Sander

Durable Structure Bench Sander

Bench sander is the perfect name or brand that you can easily trust. This 4×36 belt sander feature comes with the adaptable belt sands privileged and outside arcs, but you can work with this with ease and correctness. The product is enough solid to create smooth surfaces. The mixture of durability along with sturdiness makes the item different. The Bench sander structures a security switch with miter device and a cast aluminum work table that slopes for added adaptability. The item is also available at the greatest ranges along with the highest quality tools. The feature comes with the superior and sturdiest grading feature that all of the woodworkers find appreciative. The product is including the dimensions of 19.8 x 11.9 x 10 inches along with the weight is 28.7 pounds. The structure includes one package system. This comes with the 3/4 HP motor-powered facility and 0.75 HP horsepower system. The horsepower tool comes with the bare instrument apparatuses.

Central Machinery 4×36 Belt Sander Explained

The woodworkers need the excellent and quality tools in their workout. They need the perfect cutting blade and Sanders also by which they make their work easier. They need the topmost hand held disc sander by what they can work faultlessly and without any hassle. The tabletop belt sander is really strong on its construction and feature. This 4 x 36 offers the workers the varied design and fashionable woodworks. The product is the combination of true stainless texture along with the safety features. The sandpaper grit for drywall is the perfect tool and practical also. The 36 inches sanders come with the attractive designs all along.

This product is available at the lower rates that the users feel interested in purchasing the tool. The Home Depot bench sander is versatile in its design along with the disc sander includes the heavy duty construction. This belt sander comes with the facilities of adjusting the belt and fit with the main tool. You can easily rely on this type of sanding. The homemade belt sander is made with perfectness and greatness that all the sanders find it unique in its workout and facilities also. So, this is the regarded as the best finishing sander.

Whom Is Belt Sander For?

This durable tool is made for the wood sanding and woodworkers who desire to do their work out a little different. The sandpaper grit for drywall is the perfect tool and practical also. The 36 inches sanders come with the attractive designs all along. This product is available at the lower rates that the users feel interested in purchasing the tool.


  • Product Dimensions 19.8 x 11.9 x 10 inches
  • Weight of item 28.7 pounds
  • Motor system 3/4 HP motor-powered
  • Horsepower 0.75 HP
  • Included mechanisms Bare-tool
  • Power source AC


  • The product is excellent in its design and style
  • It offers the appreciative features and structure system
  • This delivers the top quality tools
  • This includes the quality motor and horsepower
  • It is enough to provide the affordable and lower ranges
  • The tool also equips the stronger and rigid apparatus
  • It is lightweight and easy to use


  • The customers don’t appreciate the power system as they recommend more power supply

Our Remarks

In conclusion, the Bench sander is perfectly made for the sanders. This is recommended to work for the perfect angles and sizes also. The item is made with excellence and greatness to provide the users the greater comforts and pleasure. The bench sander is really the tool of perfection. This is outstanding in terms of rending services. The tool also equips the harder tools and utmost installations that the sander need while they are in their workout. This is the name of providing comforts at all. The product is made innovatively to work on our own without any help of others.


Q: Is there a filth assemblage port in the unit?
Ans: No, sorry. There is no dust collection chute system.

Q: Can I mount it on a table?
Ans: Yes, you can as it comes with all adjustable features.

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