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Makita 2012nb Planer Review For Smooth & Fast Woodworking

Makita 2012nb

Makita 2012nb Planer is a compact power tool for working on the wood workpieces. Its compact size is helpful to carry the tool to the job site comfortably. The weight of the product is also comparatively low considering the amount of work it will be doing for you.

This Makita 12 inch planer is applauded for its portability and productivity. It has got the compact design and high speed to make the woodworking simple. The speed does not make it noisy. It’s the quietest tool that you can get. This power tool is easy to operate, and you can simply change its blade when needed. The Interna-Lok automated heal clamp with the eliminate snipe for improved planning performance.

Makita planer can plane up to 12 inches wide and 6-3/32 inches thick pieces. With this tool, you can go 1/8 inches deep. So, you can do the planning in such a way that makes the pieces perfect for the further jobs. It has got the adjustable depth stop to make your planning work perfect.

Makita planer 2012nb is featured for its fast and easy blade change. The tool comes with blade set, magnetic holders, wrenches, and toolbox. All the tools with this package make it a complete set for wood planers. To set this Makita thicknesser, you wouldn’t need that much of space. You can easily put in a short space. It has got a long work table of 30-3/8 inches to help the users while working on the piece of wood.

Makita thickness planer runs at a speed of 8500 RPM without any load on it. So you can imagine how fast you can get your job done on this machine. It has got the powerful machine that needs 15 amp current flow. No matter how speedy the machine is, it makes almost no noise at the workplace. It only makes 83 dB sounds that make the machine comfortable for the users.

Specifications of Makita 2012nb Planer

  • Product Dimensions 30.4 x 19 x 15.8 inches
  • Item Weight 73.2 pounds
  • size 2-Inch
  • item model number 2012NB
  • Part Number FBA_2012NB
  • Product Warranty 3 year
  • Voltage 220 volts
  • Speed 8500 RPM


  • Lightweight
  • Compact drill press
  • Easy carrying to the destination
  • Faster and easier blade change
  • Makes low noise comfortable to work
  • Large table extension
  • Fully adjustable depth stops
  • Double Edge Planer Blades
  • Detachable Toolbox

Our Remarks

Makita 2012nb comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that makes sure that within a year you will get all the support related to this Makita wood planer. With the help of Makita 2012, you can get the wood piece ready for further use in seconds. Enjoy wood works with Makita 2012.

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