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Gedu Professional Air Sander Review

Gedu Professional Air Sander Review

Woodworking and metalworking are a long and difficult process. We understand how important adding beautifications to your work can be. Air sanders might be the right tool for this kind of job. So, we bring you a review for the Gedu Professional Air Sander.

With all the ability of an electric sander with the added advantages of an air sander, it does not overheat as easily; one example among many others which you will find as you keep reading our Gedu Professional Air Sander review.

Additionally, our Gedu Professional Air Sander review will also give you a peek into the abilities of the Gedu Professional Air Sander. Some of the abilities include removing old paint from old wooden doors, smoothening rough edges on a newly crafted table, sanding off rust from an old metalwork, etc.

Let us now guide your through our Gedu Professional Air Sander review and explain to you why, even as a beginner, you may be able to find the Gedu Professional Air Sander as an important addition to your DIY arsenal.

Gedu Professional Air Sander Overview

Air sanders are quieter, easier to handle and smaller than usual electrical sanders. In addition to the general blessings of a standard air sander, the Gedu Professional Air Sander is made of composite plastic for a lighter weight, suitable for use on metalworking, heat-treated steel components for longevity, etc.

This air sander has a built-in regulator for speed control. It runs at a free speed of 12,000 rpm, making jobs done much faster. This Gedu Professional Air Sander review will now show you some of the specific features and guide you using discrete descriptions of its features.

Feature Analysis

1. Light and strong build

Made of composite plastic and heat-treated steel, this air sander is light and a strong object. The air sander is light, weighing only 2.35 pounds. Additionally, the air sander can last for a long period of time thanks to the strong materials it is made of, in addition to the materials being more resistant to wear.

With proper maintenance of the sander, including proper lubrication it will be possible to make it last for a long time.

2. High free speed

Like all air sanders, it is powered using an air compressor. Thanks to that, unlike most air sanders, the Gedu Professional Air Sander runs on an impressive free speed of 12,000 rpm. This makes it work much quicker for you. It also comes with a speed control switch to help the operator adjust your work.

3. Comfortable to use

The sander’s shape highly helps you ergonomically. Thanks to its Comfort Platform, it provides additional hand and wrist support to you for your comfort, and thus a better and smoother work experience.

In addition to the lightness of the air sander, it vibrates very little and makes minimal noise. It is also easy to handle thanks to its low center of gravity design.

4. Lighter air-motor assembly

With the air-motor being lighter rotary motor, it is much easier to be used for vertical or overhead usage. That means it can be used on an upright door, or even the ceiling with ease.


  • Package Dimensions 8.9 x 6.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Item Weight 2.35 pounds
  • Size Size 5 inch
  • Color Red
  • Part Number GAOA124-1-US
  • Material Stainless Steel


  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Inexpensive for the features it offers
  • High free speed
  • Lubricant oil provided


  • A lot of maintenance required

Final verdict

As you have read in this Gedu Professional Air Sander review, the Gedu Professional Air Sander is an air sander that yields comfort, convenience, and speed.

It not only helps perform the job of giving your woodwork or metalwork the finishing or the repairing you want, but you also get to do it with all the ease you could possibly ask for.

Finally, we can conclude saying that it is an air sander for anyone from professional woodworkers and metal workers to DIY handy men.

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