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Bosch PB360C Bluetooth Power Box Review

Bosch PB360C Bluetooth Power Box

Bosch radio is renowned for its multiple digitalized and smart technology. It is one of the best jobsite radio in the world due to its style and workout. It can change your noisy working environment, and you are going to love it. We assure you about this worldwide product as this jobsite radio freshens your tiresome workout with offering its multiple modern facilities.

We offer you the ability to put in a freshly charged 1.5-amp battery and not worry about it dying for a solid 5 hours. Bosch power box was in decent shape and item itself is brand new. The Bosch PB360C jobsite radio/charger/digital media and Bosch stereo features provide Bluetooth technology to connect to the user’s smart device. It streams Internet radio and stored music also. This portable, high-performance, weather-resistant entertainment system delivers 360-degree enriched stereo sound. It is durable along with an aluminum/rubber roll cage. Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries or plugging into a 120-Volt outlet increases the power of The Bosch work radio.

You can just connect your phone really quick on Bluetooth or listen through an aux cord, Bosch radio has both options. You can choose from multiple options and get access to wide varied activities. This jobsite radio offers you Hours of loving sounds without having it plugged in. its quality is great and sounds great with the sub-woofer system.


  • Product Dimensions 14.5 x 14 x 13.5 inches
  • Item Weight 24 pounds
  • Item model number PB360C
  • Part Number PB360C-C
  • Voltage 18 volts


  • It makes the working environment smooth and pleasurable
  • Its quality is great and great sound with the speakers and the sub-woofer
  • It plays for hours with the battery
  • Offers multiple options to choose
  • It is Powerful, works ergonomically, and is flexible
  • It’s extremely solid and very user-friendly
  • The Bosch PB360C Jobsite Radio Features Bluetooth Connectivity To Pair With Smart Devices
  • Store Music With A Range Of Up To 150-Feet
  • Four-Way Speakers And A Subwoofer To Project 360 Degrees Of Outstanding Sound Quality

Our Remarks

Though there are some negative impressions on its plug-in and battery backup. But, to us, Bosch radio has the best and most accessible overall combination. We highly offer you Bosch jobsite radio as it is considered by the public review as the best radio on the market.

Bosch radio gets must better reception than the older radio system and technology, it is a much more advanced product, and you will definitely love it after using it. So, our suggestion is to grab it quickly!

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