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How To Use a Paint Scraper -Tips & Tricks

How To Use a Paint Scraper
Written by Ben Myers
Last Update: January 2, 2023

If you’re thinking of doing some painting job this week or month, the right time has arrived for you to get tools ready and make the mind up to dirty the hands. What about the paint scraper? Is it good enough to give you a surface that is free of paint and blemishes? Ask an expert or one of your experienced fellows who know how to do the job well. The first thing they’re going to recommend to you is that you need skills and some essential tools, and a paint scraper comes first.                                                    

How To Use a Paint Scraper

What Is the Paint Scraper?

A paint scraper is a scraper tool used by the painters to remove loose and peeling paint. It is often necessary when you need to shave off dry or excess paint from freshly painted surfaces. These scrappers are handy and easy to use. This tool is available in the market in various shapes and types.

What Is the Paint Scraper

Types of Paint Scrapper

Paint scrapers are manufactured in different shapes and features. Three types are available. Single-edged, Putty knives, and double-edged paint scraper.

Putty Knives

Putty Knives are a type of scrapper that is useful for flat surfaces and light touch up work. Both stiff and flexible model of this tool is available. These tools can be used as a chisel. The robustness of this tool makes it rigid enough to sharpen. These knives are a versatile and most common tool for scraping paint.

Single Edge Paint Scrapper

The basic shape of single edge scrapper look alike screwdriver. The blade used on it is beveled. This tool works well on more complex profiles rather than just on flat surfaces. You can do with this tool corner molding or cove molding by just changing the blades. The main advantages of this tool are to a changeable feature of the blade. You can use a large range of blade in this tool.

Double Edged Paint Scrapper

These scrapers utilize U shaped blades. To add extra forces, some scrapers features round knob handle above the scraper blade. These tools allow pushing and pulling. It also permits to rotate the blade while it becomes dull.

Paint Scraper Buying Manual

Choose your tool wisely as the wrong tool can cost you both money and time. Here is a brief buying manual so that you can choose the best paint scraper for you. Factors like edge type, blade size, ergonomic design, etc must be taken into account.

Type of Edge You Need

Choose the scraper according to which edge you will need to do your job. For example, you need a painter scraper to make cove molding or corner molding. Then you must choose a single-edged scraper. But if you are a beginner, you should choose a double-edged scrape as it features both a pull and pulls option.


Scrapper blade is the most important feature for any scraper tool. Blade varies on the base of work to be done. For bigger surfaces like you’re scraping paint from a floor or wall, you must choose bigger blades to do the job efficiently and quickly. Smaller ones are the best choices for tight and hard to reach spaces like scraping the paint off of furniture


You will need a scraper with a specialty like curved edges or triangle -shaped blades to do tricky jobs like refinishing furniture, crown molding, or another wood surface.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Design

You must look for a paint scraper that is designed ergonomically. Ergonomic design will reduce fatigue, and a comfortable handle will reduce hand pressure.

Maintenance of a Paint Scraper

Paint scraper needs maintenance always to keep the blade sharp. Sharp blade provides the quick-working facility. Though there is no need of razor sharpness, the keen edge will allow a perfect finishing. Ise mill file to sharp putty knives and double-edged paint scraper. Special stones are needed to sharp, complex profiles of single-edged paint scraper.

How to Properly Use a Paint Scraper

To get the most from a tool, proper way of using must be ensured. Here is a general instruction to use a paint scraper:

How to Use a Paint Scraper

Step 1: Wash

At first wash the surface. You can use a pressure washer to clean away a portion of the old and loose paint. Be careful while using a pressure washer to avoid damaging the surface.

Step 2: Dry

After washing give the amount of time to dry the surface.

Step 3: Use a Putty Knife

Then use a putty knife to peel off the dry paint as much as you can.

Step 4: Apply Paint Scraper

Apply a paint scraper to the surface in a proper way. Pull the scraper down vertically under a good amount of pressure. Don’t apply it horizontally. Continue to apply the pressure until it cannot remove further. To smooth any remainder loosen or jagged bits of old paint chips, use 80- to 120-grit sandpaper

Here, this a brief discussion on a paint scraper. So, now you may be clear to a large extent about a paint scraper and how to buy and apply it. If you have the interest to know further information feel free to ask us.

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