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Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw Review for Pro & DIY Woodworkers

Bosch GTS1031 Review for Pro & DIY Woodworkers

Are you in quest of an accurate tool for wood and aluminum cutting? You may need to work faster by crafting correct and precise shapes on wood or steel. You used to have a table saw a machine that wouldn’t operate and work properly according to the size, shape, and measurement you required on your project. The blade is used to become dull within a few weeks. So, you decided to have an improved chop saw for accurate and proper cutting. With faster and accurate cutting with carbide blade saw, Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031is an ideal solution for your woodworking project. But you should make yourself determined and confident whether you can rely on this product based on proper material and suitable features for your convenient usage. Are you still concerned to get the product in hand? Then, search the details about this Bosch GTS1031 review.

Can you purchase Bosch GTS1031 this based on its basic usage and rich features? Let’s find out the elaborate and detailed review of the product.

Key Features of Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw

1. Mobility and Balanced

No matter where your jobsite is, you can always use this portable table saw with precise, balanced and mobility. The ultimate single-handed carry handle and compact design provides the easy portability of this table saw.

2. Tough Build and Storage

This table saw features a unique base build that includes a durable all-steel base that helps the saw to hold up against influences and other heavy-duty working conditions. The base is lightweight that includes rubber feet.

3. Reliable Output

The SquareLock Rip Fence helps to the reduction of waste by increasing accurate cutting and maximizing output. This fence has been the best and the most accurately designed tool with auxiliary fence slots and T-slot miter gauge. This portable saw can easily glide along the rail for easy one-handed operation and rapid locking into place.

4. Smart Guard

The Smart Guard System modular blade can attach and detach in mere seconds. The riving knife provides superior control over any object while cutting. It also has tool-free dust chute clear-out on the back of the saw for easier maintenance. With anti-kickback and riving knife, system gives you full control over the system.

5. Carbide Table Saw

The 24 tooth Carbide Table Saw provides optimized 18-inch rip capacity that is 10-inch longer in length.


  • Type Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw
  • Product Dimensions 26 x 24.8 x 15.5 inches
  • Item Weight 64.8lbs
  • Color Blue
  • Blade Diameter 10-inches
  • No Load RPM 5000
  • Model Number GTS1031
  • Part Number GTS1031
  • Power Source Corded-Electric
  • Cord Length 6 ft
  • Voltage 127 volts
  • Wattage 1700 watts
  • Size 10-inch
  • Horsepower 2.279
  • Used for Cutting and chopping


  • Portable and Durable
  • Tough and sturdy
  • True and tough cuts
  • Versatile and convenient


  • Vibration and noise might be an issue

Our Findings

1. Performance

I had purchased this table saw after returning a similar unit with comparable features. I have studied several websites to get a saw machine like this. Later, I came into a conclusion that I should choose the Bosch GTS one as it has many positive reviews. You will notice from the first operation that it would function smoothly and gently without any noticeable vibration. I was more than satisfied with this chop saw that it could smoothly cut through the steel or wood including secure and faster operation. The smart guard system provides accurate and ensures true cuts. This machine has a one-year warranty which ensures you to use the product without any issue. The only drawback I have faced is, blade often leaves dents on the object. But overall the product is better.

In a word, I have been reviewing this Bosch table saw for an ample amount of time, and I didn’t find any significant changes in performances. This table saw offers powerful and accurate cutting with carbide table saw which gives it a distinct meaning within all table saws out there.

2. Ease of use

I was searching for several cutting saw options but later ended up picking the Bosch portable table saw. This chop saw looked well-made. The appearance looks sturdy, and the steel body looked remarkably strong. Cutting was smooth and better than I expected. Though the arbor vibrated and blade created issue sometimes but, following a few little adjustments of the blade made it worked great. Overall, the machine was easy to handle.

How to Use the Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw?

1. Using the Table Saw

  • Wear eye with ear protection at first
  • This will protect you from sawdust and noise
  • Install the blade that comes with the saw
  • Lower and adjust the blade to the wood
  • Keep the board tight to the fence
  • Turn the machine on and push the board
  • Push the board completely past the blade & riving knife

2. Safety Tips for this product

  • Unplug the saw when you perform blade change
  • Wear safety goggles and hearing protection
  • Unplug the saw before replacing the fuse
  • Make sure; you don’t place hands near spinning blade while cutting

Customers’ Feedbacks

Although we have been more than judgmental about Bosch GTS1031 than most customers on Amazon did. Its excellent 4.1 stars with over 200 feedbacks from real consumers would be enough to make a decision about Bosch GTS1031 as a better product, but specific consumers went above the average positive lines as they shared their unpleasant experiences with the bar arbor bearing that affects the precision and causes rough cuts.

However, this product is durable, and it features a tough build and smart guard system and carbide blade that are the strong beneficial features of this product.

Whom Is This Product Ideal For?

If you are planning to enlarge your workshop, a table saw is one of your requirements. Whether you are a shop owner, plumber, handyman or DIY-ers who are in quest of crafting work with more accuracy and preciseness, they should have a better table saw. This table saw provides faster and accurate cutting with proper blade size and deep cut, so, it would be a convenient tool for the exact wood job or steel cutting. You may take a look at Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you have read the Bosch GTS1031 Review, and it takes us to make the final results about this product. You are impatiently waiting for the effect that we have in hand. When we reviewed this product for a long time, later, we made a conclusion that this product could perfectly work with precision. As this product features tough build and smart guard and faster cutting, also it has carbide table saw which ensures clean and chip-free blade that helps to cut the steel or wood with precision; So, Bosch GTS1031 is surely a better product than most of the table saws out there.


Question : Would there be any significant issue with the motor?
Answer : It wouldn’t create any issue other than the blade you use. Try different blade with higher quality to ensure smooth cutting and long lasting usage.

Question : Can this table saw be compatible in 220v and 60Hz?
Answer : The product stated that it could only be compatible with 127 volts. So, it is only designed for 120v.

Question : Does the riving knife eliminate kickback completely?
Answer : This portable table saw will eliminate most of the kickbacks but be watchful at the metal throatplate that bends when ripping small pieces.

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