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Best Low Angle Block Plane – Stanley 12-139 Review

Stanley 12-139

This Stanley Low Angle Block Plane is an ideal for the development end grain and plastic ingredients. A block plane is a handy tool that comes from passing a long route successfully and without some major complaints.

This 12-920 block plane includes a fully adaptable cutter measuring at 21°. The product includes the 13-1/2° low viewpoint cutter on the 12-960 block plane keeps quivering to a minimum level, and that is forming a fine quality. This bench plane is built in gray and cast-iron base with precision-ground edges and bottommost. The low angle block plane has some finger grips machined into sides make single-handed usage easier and comfortable.

This hand wood planer provides hardened and tempered steel that offers the precision-ground cutter edge toughness. This machine has a cutter corrects system that is enough for depth and configuration by offering precise controller structure. The quick release of the hand planer makes the iron removal easy.

The Stanley Low Angle Block Plane includes a durable and reliable epoxy varnishing structure for long-lasting fortification along with the quick-release cam-lock system. This Stanley sweetheart block plane includes the Norris-type adjuster with adjacent securing features and the extra-thick 1/8″ (3.18mm) A2 stainless steel system. This item also comes with 12° low-angle bed prototypical for cutting end ounce.


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • item model number :12-139
  • Part Number: 12-139
  • Warranty: Description Limited lifetime


  • Comes with an excellent superiority retaining system
  • Advanced and ergonomic design
  • Provides a Precision-ground structure that is adequate for exactness
  • Includes a strong cutting edge for smooth alterations
  • Durable and portable
  • Easy to use and affordable to purchase
  • Comes with the durable epoxy covering for long-lasting fortification
  • Provides The Replacement Blade That Measures 12-143
  • Comes With A Solid Self-Confidence Hardware
  • Built-In Mouth Adjustment For Different Sorts Of Timber

Our Remarks

To conclude, the Stanley low angle block plane is a unique and great item that includes all the superior specifications and advanced designs that lets you choose a block plane with multiple diversity. The wood planer is providing you with the smoothest finishing ever along with a short lifetime warranty system.

The Stanley low angle block plane is a hard and tough item offering multiple specific structures that are needful to your workout. The Stanley sweetheart, low angle block plane, is enough to make a good feeling and a hassle-free life providing an extra additional Bailey product.

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