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Bosch CS5 Review for Both DIYers and Professionals

Bosch CS5

If you are working closely with the wood, plastic, and masons then you must need a portable tool that can easily deal with a variety of objects. A hand-held circular saw is the kind of tool that you can easily set on an object to carry on the cutting jobs. Bosch cs5 with its great speed and portability drags the attention of the experts. But will it be a good choice for your projects? A simple word is not enough to explain it. Continue reading this Bosch cs5 review to know more and make sure you find a good power tool to help you with your projects.

Key Features of Bosch CS5

1. Powerful Motor

A 15-ampere motor comes with the tool that needs the 120 volts to run properly. Bosch has got the reputation to serve quality motor with their power tools, and they will continue the good service. It helps the machine to run at a great speed of 6200 RPM. A ¾″ wood piece is nothing before it.

2. Arbor and Blade size

Here Bosch is using a 7-1/4″ blade so you can see it easily reach the depth that you may want form a circular saw. Also, the 5/8″ arbor is there to help the users to operate the machine with ease.

3. Depth of cut

This Bosch circular saw is designed to help the users to bevel up to 56 degrees. At different angles, it can reach various depths. It goes maximum 2-7/16″ at 90 degrees, and users always hold the tool at 90 degrees to get the best cut. It is supposed to reach 1-7/8″ and 1-5/8″ respectively at 45 and 50 degrees. So you can see, no matter how thick is your object it will make its way smoothly.

4. Left-blade Design

The featuring point of this tool is the left-blade design. Also, the tool is designed in a great way to help the users while working as they get the best sight of the object and lines. It helps them to perform better with the tool. Also, the blade wrench and the spindle lock are with the tool to make it a smart and flexible tool. Though it runs at a great speed, you will not see any wobbling blade as it holds the blade perfectly. Yes, you will need to take care of the bolts to keep it working.

5. Anti-Snag Lower Guard

This tool features anti-snag lower guard which allows the users to make cuts without having to advance the lower guard, especially in bevel cuts.


  • Package Dimensions 17.3″ x 11.4″ x 11.4″
  • Item Model Number CS5
  • Amperage 15 amp
  • Arbor Size 5/8″
  • Bevel Capacity 0 – 56 Degrees
  • Blade Diameter 7-1/4″
  • Blade Position Left
  • Depth of Cut at 50 Degrees 1-5/8″
  • Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees 2-7/16″
  • Speed 6200 RPM
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Item Weight 13.35 lbs.
  • Color Bosch Blue
  • Power Source Electric


  • Powerful motor with great speed
  • Bevels to some great angles
  • A useful design to help the left-handers
  • The lower guard makes it a stable saw
  • Quick and easy blade change with the spindle lock


  • Flimsy base plate
  • No dust chute

Our Findings

No doubt this Bosch saw has got the efficiency to make the users cheer up, but there are always facts that needed to be known before making a final decision. Keep reading!

1. Performance

Cutting the small pieces with this power tool is really enjoyable no matter how thick is the piece; it will do it in seconds. The blade sits perfectly in the frame the speed, and the friction with the woods or any other object doesn’t make it wobbling that easily.

When working on a straight line, you need to be cautious as the base plate tends to be a bit shaky when emphasis too much on the plate. You already know that the base plate can move to create an angle so you can’t lean on it while working on a long straight line to cut.

Another problem is there is no guard on the blade while running, so there is a big chance to split the object pieces here and there. For right-handers, it brings the debris and small chunks right on the face. So you can see, it might not be a good choice for the right-handed people.

2. Ease of use

Most of the power tool’s design is friendly to right-handed people. Bosch made a difference here. They designed it for the left-handers which brings joy to them as they have to deal with the right-handed tool most of the time. The tool is just about 13 pounds so a fit guy can easily carry it and handle it while running at a great speed. Also, the 15 amp motor with 120 volts brings the beast in it to run at a 6200 RPM speed and cut everything that comes in front. After use, it has got the cover to wrap up the blade and make it safe to store.

3. Price

To make a good move within the budget, this Bosch circular saw is a good choice. It’s just over 100$ and it’s nothing to own a power tool that can help you to make good use of your time and money.

How to Maintain and Store BOSCH CS5?

1. How to maintain a circular saw?

To get the best performance from a circular saw there are 2 things we can do in general.

Change the blade.
Oil the rotor that helps to run the saw.
Both of these need to be done at a regular interval to get the best performance from a saw. It will help the saw to run smoothly and safely.

2. How to store a circular saw?

Circular saws have an uneven construction which makes it a bit problematic to store after regular use. So far we have seen users taking off the blade and hang the main portion without any tension or make a triangular stand with the space to put the blade into the stand without removing it from the saw.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Bosch is a renowned manufacturer of power tools. They have gained the customer’s faith over the years. This Bosch cs5 is nothing different. Affordable price and its performance make it a good choice for low-end users. From only the Amazon we can see over 200 people has given their opinion about this tool and over 50% of them has given a positive review. So you can rely on its quality and try one of this for your next project.

Whom Is Bosch CS5 Ideal For?

People who work closely with the woods, plastics, masonry material have got good use of the circular saw. Circular saws are handheld and need the help of hand to show its way when using it to cut a long piece of wood. The speed and the portability make it a great choice to cut the hardest things easily.

Our Final Thoughts

This Bosch circular saw is a great choice for the people who need to get the job done in a compact budget. Comparing with its service, the price is nothing. The 15 amp motor with its 6200 RMP speeds makes any job possible within seconds. Surely it’s going to be a great addition for anyone’s power tool collection. We hope this Bosch cs5 review will help you make the right decision when it’s time to get one. Enjoy!


Question : How should I deal with the saw dust?
Answer : Firstly to work comfortably with this kind of power tool you use the eye protection gear and face mask. This Bosch cs5 has got the tendency to split the sawdust and chips here and there. Also to make the operation safer, you can set a fine cover on the tool.

Question : How long does the cord go?
Answer : We haven’t measured how long the cord is, but we found a bit problematic to work on a long straight line with it. If you need to access it for a long distance, you can use an extra power cord with it.

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