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Rockwell Jawhorse: Why you should Choose This Product

Rockwell jawhorse
Written by Ben Myers
Last Update: January 2, 2023

If you work with a sawhorse alone, you know two hands are not enough to work effectively. I was working with sawhorses for a few years now. It’s been really time-consuming and irritating to work alone when my partner was not around. For this reason, I was trying to find a suitable Jawhorse that will meet all of my requirements. One of my ex-colleague heard about this Rockwell Jawhorse, and he suggested me to try it.

Rockwell Jawhorse is an excellent Jawhorse that is ready to blow your mind. It will replace several parts of your workshop including that old sawhorse. Now, I am not worried about whether my partner is around or not. With its innovative design and clamping features, I can do most of my work alone. I can also activate the clamping with an integrated foot pedal. This is certainly handy when your hands are busy working. It is an excellent product for marking materials, sanding block and definitely cutting.

So, what’s a Jawhorse is? It is difficult to explain if you have never seen it. It’s a stair-stepper, vise mounted machine with clamps. You can imagine an exercise bike, apart from the handlebars. According to Rockwell, Jawhorse is a hands-free portable workbench.” So, is it a sawhorse? Well, it’s actually more than a sawhorse. With it sturdy three-legged foot and foot based vise and clamps it will provide a solid grip to work more perfectly than ever.

What Features Offer a Rockwell Jawhorse?

It’s been a quite a lot of time I am using the Rockwell Jawhorse. It not only made my work easier but also provides me with the versatility to work anywhere rather than my workstation. I remember a particular a day when I needed to work in my home. Yeah, it was difficult to bring sawhorse home. So, what helped me out? The folding feature of my favorite Jawhorse of course! It is also a great way to store safely and soundly. Is this all? What other features this Rockwell Jawhorse can provide?

What Features Offer a Rockwell Jawhorse

The Clamping Feature of Rockwell Jawhorse

If you work with sawhorse or workbench, you know, nothing is more useful than a good clamping feature.  The Jawhorse features a 1 ton (2200 lbs.) of clamping force with up to 600 lbs. of load capacity which is definitely enough to safely secure most projects. Actually, the force is too strong, and you might crush the workpiece if you are not careful enough. For additional benefit, this clamp has come with a foot pedal which you can use to activate and adjust the clamping force without the need of your hand.

The actual benefit here is that you can clamp the most weighted products securely in this clamp. However, it needs proper attention as you will do it using your foot. I found it sometimes troublesome to continue focusing on foot while working, but it’s a necessary price you have to sacrifice to have better control of your work.

The Clamping Feature of Rockwell Jawhorse

For additional safety, the clamp has also come with rubber surface which not only provides sufficient friction but also protects your work projects from being damaged. To hold the irregular types of object, such as pipes and different round objects the clamp offers notches as well.

Versatility of Rockwell Jawhorse

If you are directing the eyes for a versatile workbench, this Rockwell Jawhorse will be perfect tools for you. You might not be convinced by the look of it, but I can assure you, you will love the versatility of this Rockwell Jawhorse.

With this Jawhorse, you will be able to clamp plywood with no time and create your required workbench in order to build assemblies. With this, you can create support for the miter saw as well as it can be used as an outfitted table for the table saw. The best part here is, you can clamp any piece of wood, apply pressure by your foot and cut the piece with your hands so quickly that, no one will believe it you have done it with this short amount of time!

The Quality of Rockwell Jawhorse

If you ask me, what impress me the most of this Rockwell Jawhorse. To be honest, I have to say that, it’s the quality. The Jawhorse is made with solid steel which provides strength and rigidity for handling the toughest jobs. The product is definitely built to last, and in my experience, I have not seen anything to be compliant about.

Is It Really Worth to Have a Rockwell Jawhorse?

As mentioned earlier, Rockwell Jawhorse is an excellent tool for a workshop. It alone can provide you with the benefits of a sawhorse, workbench or a worktable. So, is it really worth to have one of these products? Why should you actually choose it? The answers are laid ahead!

Is It Really Worth to Have a Rockwell Jawhorse

The Use of Rockwell Jawhorse over Other Workbench or Tools

Well, maybe you already have your answers by reading the benefits and features it can provide. But no reason is enough unless you start using it. So, let’s focus on its uses. Here are some of the particular things, Rockwell Jawhorse can do in an easier and faster way than other devices or tools.

  • To support your ceiling drywall and cabinets, you can hold the T-brace at the required height with this Jawhorse.
  • While backfilling your post hole using concrete or gravel, you can easily hold the posts plumb and the fence at the right height.
  • You can also hold doors and other home appliances to decorate, paint or for mortising hinges.
  • You can cut the firewood, stock, and lumber easily and quickly with notches and clamps of the Jawhorse.
  • You can even hold pipes and other irregular objects for cutting or for another necessary task. The clamp and notches will not fail you here.
  • You can also make it a sturdy and quick miter saw stand to cut the objects you desire.

This is not the end of the list. With a bit of creativity, you can use this Jawhorse for different kinds of purposes. You can also extend its working area by using different Rockwell Jawhorse accessories.

Jawhorse vs. Sawhorse: Are You Frustrated Using Your Sawhorse?

Maybe you have never used a Jawhorse and still stick to your sawhorse. Maybe it’s because you think, there is no much difference between a Jawhorse and sawhorse. Well, they are maybe the similar type of products, but the benefits a Jawhorse provide is far greater than a sawhorse.

Jawhorse vs. Sawhorse: Are You Frustrated Using Your Sawhorse?

  • A sawhorse is only good to clamp 2×4 feet together, and you can add some accessories like clamps, but that does not really improve the quality or the speed of your work.
  • The problems of using a sawhorse are many. For example, you might have found it difficult to level all eight legs of the sawhorse in a perfect balance. While cutting an object using a sawhorse, you might feel the flimsiness and wished you have a better workbench that would provide you more solid grip over the object.
  • Sawhorses are also quite heavy and difficult to transport. You can’t even fold it to minimize the size which may help you in portability.

The Rockwell Jawhorse can provide you with all the benefits that lack a sawhorse. This product is made of solid steel (except the plastic touches), can hold heavy plywoods and other objects. The 1-ton clamping pressure and 600 lbs. load can make your work easier and quicker.

Another important feature of Rockwell Jawhorse is its three legs. Now, you do not have to worry about balancing all eight legs. With wide feet, these three legs provide perfect balancing for a steady workflow. The legs also splay far apart so that it will not move a bit while you drill, pound or saw on it. The padded feet can be placed anywhere from wood to tile without scratching the floor.

Other Benefits of Rockwell Jawhorse: You Might Never Want Miss

Besides its features and usefulness, Rockwell Jawhorse offers some other benefits which make the product greater than another type of products. Among them, the storage, accessory, and assembly features are worth mentionable.

Convenient Way to Store and Assemble

Assembling and storing of Rockwell Jawhorse is fairly easy and convenient.  The first time can be a little more time to consume, but when you get the idea, you will find it easy to opening and folding it up.

Convenient Way to Store and Assemble

The Jawhorse also consists of a roller wheel which provides more flexibility while moving your Jawhorse. The only thing missing here is the handle. However, the wheel is still an added benefit.

Rockwell Jawhorse is also very convenient to store. When it folds up, it takes really small space, and you can store even in the corner of a workshop.

Different Accessories to Enhance Features and Performance

Rockwell Jawhorse also comes with a lot of useful accessories which offer more flexibility and versatility. It’s been a while I am using this Jawhorse and I found it quite useful to use different accessories. These are the Rockwell Jawhorse accessories you can have to enhance your work.

Different Accessories to Enhance Features and Performance

  • Work Table
  • Saddlebag
  • Plywood Jaw
  • Welding Jaw
  • Miter Saw Station
  • Log Jaw

Among these accessories, I am very fond of using plywood jaw. It provides me the ability to use up to 52 inches of the object to be clamped. You will find other accessories also quite useful in terms of long-term use.

Features We Wished To Have

Rockwell Jawhorse is a complete product which can satisfy your need with performance and features. This is also a highly durable product that last years of use. From my user experience, I can say that there are only a few products available as much as durable of Rockwell Jawhorse.

However, we still miss some of the features which may be more appealing to have. It would be more useful to have two mounting different holes on the log jaws so that it can be easily attached to the movable jaw in a reversible position.

A handle along with the moving wheel can also be highly useful in case you want to move your Jawhorse now and then. Instead of using plastic touches for feet, it would be more durable if the metal is used. These are the little things that would make the Jawhorse more appealing. However, without these features, this is still the most useful thing in my workshop.

 A Few Models You Can Try

There are few models available for Rockwell Jawhorse. I have been using the Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 and its one of the great tools of the market. However, there are also other models you can try. Here are some models with specifications.

 A Few Models You Can Try

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9000

  • Clamping Force: Greater Than 1 Ton (2200 Lbs.)
  • Clamping Range: 0.00 Inches To 37.0 Inches
  • Max Load: 600 Lbs.
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Clamping Method: Foot Pedal Lever
  • Clamp Travel: 1 Inch Per Step
  • Weight: 43 Lbs.

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9003, 2nd Generation

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9003, 2nd Generation

  • Clamping Force: Greater Than 1 Ton (2200 Lbs.)
  • Clamping Range: 00.00 Inches To 37.0 Inches
  • Max Load: 600 Lbs.
  • Construction: Solid Steel With Plastic Foot Toches
  • Clamping Method: Foot Pedal Lever
  • Clamp Travel: 1 Inch Per Step
  • Weight: 47.5 Lbs.

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9002 Sheetmaster

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9002 Sheetmaster

  • Clamping Force: Greater Than 1 Ton (2200 Lbs.)
  • Clamping Range: 00.00 Inches To 49.0 Inches
  • Max Load: 600 Lbs.
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Clamp Method: Foot Pedal Lever
  • Clamp Travel: 1 Inch Per Step
  • Weight: 53 Lbs.

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9006 Benchjaws

Model: Rockwell Jawhorse rk9006 Benchjaws

  • Clamping Force: 1 Ton (2200 Lbs.)
  • Clamping Range: 00.00 Inches To 16.0 Inches
  • Max Load: 220 Lbs.
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Clamp Method: Foot Pedal Lever
  • Clamp Travel: 0.36 Inches Per Step
  • Weight: 22 Lbs.


The Rockwell Jawhorse is an excellent product for clamping, cutting, sanding and marking. Jawhorse is unique products to offer various clamping as well as notches to attach and clamp different sizes and types of objects. For a workman like me, it’s kind of a blessing to have Rockwell Jawhorse. By reading this article, I think it is now clear to you why you should choose a Rockwell Jawhorse especially when you’re constructing a log house. If you find anything to ask for or to suggest, please write back.

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