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How To Use an Orbital Sander To Remove Paint From Wood

How To Use an Orbital Sander
Written by Ben Myers
Last Update: January 2, 2023

If your goal is to achieve ultra-smooth finishing on your wood, then there is no better alternative than an orbital sander. You can know how To use an orbital Sander in almost any kind of woods to get a silk-like finishing. It is easy, lightweight and usually comes with a solid power installed in it.

However, to maximize the advantage of this sander, you need to know how to use it properly. Let’s get through the steps.

How To Use an Orbital Sander To Remove Paint

Step 1: Maximize Speed Before Contact

Step 1 Maximize Speed Before Contact

Turn it on properly and then let it maximize the speed before making any contact with the object. This way, you can gain more control over the direction.

Step 2: Use Left to Right Direction

Step 2 Use Left to Right Direction

Always use an orbital sander in a left to right motion. This will help you to have more control and transition smoothness over the sander.

Step 3 : Use Equal Strokes

Step 3 Use Equal Strokes

Always use an equal number of strokes while using an orbital sander because it ensures that you are not over sanding a certain area.

Step 4: Avoid Putting Pressure

Step 4 Avoid Putting Pressure

Avoid putting too much pressure on the sander body. Allow the weight to have the work done for you. This will save energy and make sure that the wood is equally sanded.

Step 5: Do Not Bend Corners

Step 5 Do Not Bend Corners

Do not bend the orbital sander to reach the corners. It does not function like a palm sander so you will not get the results that you are looking for.

Different Kinds of Orbital Sanders

Different Kinds of Orbital Sanders

Before we can move onto our main article, you must know that there are different kinds of orbital sanders available in the market right now. So, you need to know their basic functionality so you can choose the one which is best for you.

  • Quarter Sheet: These are the regular kinds of orbital sanders. It has the one-quarter measurement of the sandpaper. You can use these as a smaller object.
  • Maximum Powered: When you are working with a very rough kind of wood then you need this kind of orbital sanders. These directly soothe the surface without using another sander.
  • Full Sheet: This kind of sanders are used when you want to complete the whole task is a very quick time. These sanders are big in shape and size and sands the complete object in a quick time.

Use Different Discs

You should try out different kinds of sanding discs so that you can reach a maximum level of smoothness. You need to use exactly the same disc that is suitable for a particular job.

Stop Seeing the Progress

You need to stop at times to see how well the whole thing is coming off. You need to review whether you need to sand more or stop. This will help you to maintain the overall smoothness of the object.

The above steps should seem easy and doable. But, do not forget to wear your safety gadgets while working to use an orbital Sander. Let me know if the article was helpful for you. Until then, have a great time!

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