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Common Types of quarter sawn white Oak Wood : Oak Wood Identification Guide

Types of Oak Wood
Written by Ben Myers
Last Update: January 2, 2023

Although quarter sawn white oak naturally possesses a good look, sanding quarter sawn oak makes it look spectacular. Oak has a distinctive grain pattern. The best sanding for quarter swan white oak celebrates its grain. Some key sanding tips and techniques have been stated to help you bring out the best of quarter sawn white oak, quarter sawn red oak, white oak plywood, quarter swan white oak flooring. So, let’s have a general overview on the sanding process of quarter sawn white oak including other uses of quarter sawn red oak and white oak plywood.

Types of Oak Wood & Tips and Tricks

types of oak

Sanding Oak

For fine woodworking projects, oak is arguably the most cherished and desirable type of wood. Quarter sawn white oak is a profitable product for most of the woodworker to work with. It gives them the pleasure of making something beautiful. Quarter swan white oak is a piece of art itself. It is solid, strong, and when sanded and finished correctly, absolutely gorgeous. However, sanding quarter sawn white oak, quarter sawn red oak, or even white oak plywood is not an easy task. So, some tips are here for you to follow for sanding oak.

White Oak

  • White oak is generally close-grained, and water cannot cause any harm to it. It does not shrink easily.
  • Red Oak: Red oak has open grains, and it becomes porous because of it. It can be damaged by soaking water.
  • So, from the types of oak, you can easily understand that quarter sawn white oak is more desirable and valuable than quarter sawn red oak.

Essential Tips for Sanding Quarter Sawn White Oak

Be Patient

Have patience to work with quarter sawn white oak and quarter swan red oak. Competence and intricacy are more critical for sanding oak than brute strength.

Choose Tools

Use sandpapers which are of finer grits. Use them in each step to eliminate the sanding lines. 80 or 100 grit is fine at the beginning. Then, use 150 grit but don’t go over 180 grit. For quarter sawn white oak flooring, sanding can leave some scratches on the white oak plywood boards. You can also use a random orbital sander with a fine-grit (80-180) sanding disk to avoid this problem.

Essential Tips for Sanding Quarter Sawn White Oak Essential Tips for Sanding Quarter Sawn White Oak

Go Slow

If you want to finish quarter sawn white oak and red oak by not causing any harm to the wood’s character, sand the oak as less as possible. So, take some extra time to sand the wood step by step.

Be Accurate

Be accurate at each step of sanding, especially be sure to scuff-sand after each coat of shellac. Use 280- 320-grit of sandpaper between coats of shellac and varnish.

Scuff-Sand Lightly After Dying

The ray flecks are dense. The dye might sit on the surface of the wood. However, a light sanding can remove it quickly to make the rays lighter than the rest of the wood.

How to Sand Quarter Sawn White Oak?

A good sanding always exposes the best characteristics of the quarter swan white oak. Here is a step by step procedure for finishing quarter sawn white oak.

  • Mix dark brown and medium brown dye in 1:1 ratio and apply it to the bare wood. Wait for the wood to dry.
  • Scuff-sand the dyed wood very lightly with 320-grit paper.
  • Apply a barrier coat of wax-free shellac to seal the dye.
  • Sand the quarter swan white oak step by step using finer grits (80-180) of sandpapers.
  • Apply an excellent dark walnut gel stain for glazing the wood.
  • Use wax-free shellac to seal the glaze.
  • Scuff-sand again when it is dry.
  • Choose a topcoat you want and apply it on the wood.
  • Now, you have a beautiful quarter swan white oak!

Sanding quarter sawn white oak needs a lot of attention because it only takes a few seconds of negligence to ruin your whole work with these kinds of wood. A little lack of caution while sanding the quarter swan red oak is allowed, but when you are working with quarter sawn white oak; you must be prudent at every step.

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