How to drive brass screws with care?

Did you fail to drive a brass screw correctly? Oh, it was broken already! Don’t worry; it happens in the first attempts at this work. You need to be a little bit careful and learn how to drive brass screws with care. You can also use some best woodworking clamps to steady your wooden part and drive brass screws smoothly.

Brass screw is a softer metal, so it is also another reason why it breaks easily if you do not handle with care. Now, you’ll  different ways to drive brass screws flawlessly.

Why We Use Brass Screws Exactly If It’s Easily Breakable?

Brass screws can easily break if you do not handle it with care. So, you may be wondering why we use brass set screws correctly? Well, there are many reasons why we use brass screws even it may break.

  • It is anti-corrosive and water resistant. It is a long-lasting screw solution even at the touch of water. So, we can use it for outdoor places that cannot be easily maintained. The benefit of using a brass screw for outer or open areas is better than steel screws. Because steel screws easily get rusty in the touch of water.
  • It is artistically attractive. The main reason we use it before we know the other facts is it looks cool. We love to use it with wood as it suits well. Usually, small brass screws are used to make furniture and installing wooden doors.


Master Driving Brass Screws With These Tips

No joking, you can quickly master the art of driving brass set screws even all kinds of screws if you follow our instructions. Keep in mind; always buy a top brass set screw to get better performance.

We have decorated the instructions into two parts. One is general instruction, and another is specific instruction set. Let’s jump to the next phase.

General Instructions

Use a Set of Countersink Bits with Tapered Pilot-hole Bit

Use a set of countersink bits with tapered pilot-hole bit before driving brass screws. These bits sets will allow you to create space for brass screws. After drilling the spot, drive the base screws. Trust us; you will find it very helpful. This kind of gear is hugely used for wooden cabinet and furniture projects.

Use a Magnetic Bit-tip Holder

Bea ginners can use a magnetic bit-tip holder. It is a useful gear to hold the brass screws steady. If you can steady the brass screws, you can quickly drive it. With a bit holder with a sleeve, you can hold long brass screws swiftly and upright drive it.

Nail The Parts Then Drive

If you are working with separate wooden parts to be jointed and you are a new user, it may seem a hard work to be done. But you can use a simple trick to ease your work. Use a nail gun to tack the separate parts to join them. As it is steady now, you can use brass screws efficiently. It won’t break.

Try With a Cordless Impact Driver

It is a cool gear to try. You can drive brass screws more efficiently with a cordless impact driver. Initially, you need to pressure the machine so that the brass screws drive into the deep. But with this cool driver, you need not press down hard. Just hold it tight and look how your brass screws fit easily.

Buy a cordless driver with the adjustable clutch

Most new cordless drivers are equipped with a grip. It is better for new users. Because when you drive a brass screw and the bit is bigger than it, the screw head may snap off or strip. But if you adjust the bit head according to your brass screw, it won’t burst. You can also use self-centering bits to avid the brass screws being broken or striped.

Specific Instructions

  • Don’t use worn out bits ever or it will cost you.
  • Use best quality brass screws for best performance.
  • Use exact fit screwdriver head for the brass screw.
  • You can use grease before you drive the brass screw.

Try these steps if the screws aren’t sturdy enough

  • Drill an initial hole less small than the brass screw size
  • Drive a steel screw as the same size of the brass screw in the hole
  • Now, remove the steel screw and drive the brass screw in the hole.

Following the above tips, you can ensure that brass screws are performing well for years.

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