WEN 6550 Can Be Your Best Companion For Woodworks

WEN 6550 Can Be Your Best Companion For Woodworks

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The Wen is renowned for their vast collection of power tools. All the tools are top quality and praised by the users. The Wen planer has been just another product line from them. They have got a variety of wood planning tools to make the hard work easier for the users. WEN 6550 is just the kind of wood planer that a user might want.

Wen is a superior of producing electric planer.  In this Wen 6550, it uses a 15 amp strong motor to run the planner. Its 12.5 inches wide and you can input 6 inch thick woods in this power planer. It has got the granite table that helps to work comfortably on this thickness planer. There is no chance of marring from the granite table. It also provides an infeed and an outfeed table that makes the wood passing through this machine conveniently. The strong and comfortable table makes it the best planer to work on.

It has got the speed. The feed rate of  this plane tool is 26 feet per minute precisely. A user can have 18800 cuts per minute using this machine. Though it has got the slot to hold it and move, it's quite a heavy machine to move. If you are in need of a  portable planer, then you should check out the Wen electric hand planer. It will give you the ease to work over the wood at any angle as many times needed.

This Wen thickness planer is not a wobbly one as it has got the sturdy cast iron base. It might be the best benchtop planer to work with as you can also use the bolt slot to keep it tight to the surface. It has got the dust port that makes the cleaning also easier for a user. Fan assisted dust port removes the dust from this electric wood planer like a pro. No real hassle to clean this tool daily.

Our Remarks

It depends on the type of work what kind of planner you might need. WEN 6550 has got all the feature to serve you to the perfection. You might not get a better benchtop planer than this. It runs with great speed. The heavy-duty base of this Wen planer makes sure it does not wobble while working. It can be the best wood planer for both commercial and simple home use. All the Wen planer review would recommend you to this quality wood planer. Good luck with your woodworking.

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