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Sanders Review to Invite Applicants for Community Service Scholarship 2018

What is Our Community Service Scholarship 2018 All About?

We have a very straightforward answer to this question. Most of our guys along with others living in the community are very enthusiastic DIY professionals who love to have disc sanders and all its accessories in collection. We got educated, employed, and engaged in our hobbies too. The biggest reason behind this community service scholarship 2018 is that we want others to have been privileged enough to lead a lifestyle they deserve.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

We actually want to help everybody. But, there are requirements to fulfill. A graduate or a bachelor degree holder or a diploma degree holder are invited to apply. Anybody who are waiting for their post-graduate are also encouraged to apply. There is no mandatory subject/discipline for this program.

Which formal steps must you follow?

Feeling enough for it? You need to show your interest about the (). A great writing can be the best way to express yourself that meets the standard. The followings need to be maintained:

  • Write down an article that covers anything for advanced DIYers whose primary working tool is a disc sander. We would like to see on hand research work, how-to type articles, step-by-step guide, or anything that might be helpful for our community.
  • Word length: 1000 Words
  • Use a .doc/docx file to submit your work. Please don’t submit your work in a non-editable format. You are advised not to provide any link of your works.
  • All the personal details (Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Educational Status with a proof, contact info, Etc.) need to be included with the document.
  • Deadline for submitting your document is (DATE).

How do we choose the winner?

We have got special criteria that we follow to choose the best work. Since the main target is to develop our community, we value the opinion of our community about a particular work that you submitted for our consideration. Every step we take is influenced by the community, obviously in a positive way.

Anything new is appreciated by our community. There is no barrier to embrace anything useful. So, this is the main criteria we follow while judging a work from our dear applicants.

Here are the standards your works will be reviewed upon.

  • Subjectivity
  • Value to Readers
  • Writing Style
  • Fact Checking
  • Originality

We will take a period of one month to evaluate your work after the deadline. One winner will be selected to entitle the award. The winner will be informed via email and a formal letter including our logo and contact info.

How do we process the community service scholarship 2018?

We will contact the winner and collect necessary information that are needed to process the award money. It may take up to five business days to give away the prize money.


  • It is to be stated that we may publicize the details of the winner (Name, Picture, Education Qualification) for promotional activities.
  • It is to be noted that Sanders Review is not responsible for any kind of tax or similar expenses that might be incurred due to the scholarship money.

Please contact us for further details.

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