How to Paint Furniture Without Sanding

Do you have old furniture that needs painting? It can be a tough task because we need to sand them before applying the paint. Sanding is not an entertaining task, often requiring time and labor. Additionally, the sander used for the job is of great importance, and remember that high-quality disc sanders do not come cheap. Some require heavy maintenance. All these contribute to homeowners’ aversion to a furniture sanding project.

Regular spray paints require a smooth surface that allows the colors to settle on. Without sanding, it is almost impossible to see that the spray paint is on the furniture. Also, the paint would wear off soon. Sanding is important when you’re about to spray paint furniture.

Aren’t there other ways of painting the furniture without the hassle of sanding? Of course, there are a few furniture painting techniques that you may use to paint your furniture without sanding.

Using Chalk Paint

Chalk paints are one of the most popular methods of painting furniture without sanding. Chalk paints give the furniture a textured appearance and a gorgeous matte finish. These paints are durable and can easily stick onto the wooden surfaces.

If you want to use chalk paints on your furniture, you’ll have to at first clean off your furniture and tape off the areas you don’t want to color. Afterwards, use a brush or a spray paint for painting the furniture. If you’re using a spray, make sure that you keep a distance of 7 cm between the paint nozzle and the furniture. After you’ve applied the first layer, you can add a second or third layer if you wish. Doing so will correct any areas where the paint did not reach. You may use wax to preserve the colors for a longer period of time.


Using Mineral Paint

Mineral paints are similar to the chalk paints in the sense that it does not need any prep work and has outstanding durability. These paints are waterproof and stain proof without the need of an additional top coating. The only downside to the mineral paints is that these paints are somewhat expensive compared to the other paints. If you’re looking for a great finish to your furniture without sanding or prepping, you are surely recommended to try the mineral paints.


Using Milk Paint and Bonding Agent

Milk paints and bonding agents are another great way of painting furniture without the need of sanding. It is a non-toxic and biodegradable painting option for your furniture. The bonding agent is a type of milky substance that helps the milk paint to stick to the surface of the furniture. Mixing the paint with the bonding agent in proper quantities will provide the furniture with a perfect and glossy finish. Although this is a great painting option, using the milk paint may be expensive. If the cost is not an issue, it is wise to use the milk paint to get that unique and glossy finish.


Using Bonding Primer

Bonding primers are one of the best paints to use because it can adhere to any substances. High-quality bonding primers don’t need sanding and can enable normal paints to stick to the surface of the furniture. Using a bonding primer while painting wicker furniture can be very helpful as it will let you paint the wicker furniture easily and will prolong the durability of the paint. A high quality bonding primer may be somewhat expensive, but it’s really worth the money.


Using Liquid Sander

Liquid sand papers/deglossers are one of the least known methods of sanding. This liquid can easily create smooth surfaces in a small amount of time. The liquid should be applied to the surface of the furniture and rubbed with a clean cloth. The smell of the liquid is intense, which is why you should use it in a well-ventilated area.



The process of sanding can surely be time-consuming and may require a lot of effort. This is why it is one of the least favorite things to do for professional woodworkers when they’re restyling furniture. To go around the hassle of sanding, many people often try to look for better ways of painting their furniture. They can do this by using chalk paints, mineral paints, milk paints and bonding agents, bonding primers or liquid sanders.

Although painting furniture without sanding can be done, it is not an ideal option. This is because after the paint has been applied, the surface may not look smooth. Moreover, the paint may not reach all the parts within the wood which is why the paint may wear off after a few years. This is why using a power sander to sand the furniture is important when painting wooden furniture. Always try to use the best tools for woodworking when you’re working with wood, as these tools will help you in doing all sorts of things.

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