POWERTEC 110260 Sanding Disc review

Are you searching for disc sanders that offer the sanding worktop grade and hassle-free? Do not worry POWERTEC are continuously trying to bring innovative solutions for making your cutting purposes to be done efficiently.  POWERTEC 110260 Sanding Disc is highly constructed with aluminum oxide to offer fine polishing to the curved surfaces.

It is backed by high-quality pressure sensitive adhesive that can operate at high or low temperature whatever is required. No water or heat required to activate the adhesive. So, it increases the rotating power or capacity of the sandpaper discs

01 POWERTEC 110260 Sanding Disc Overview

POWERTEC 110260 Sanding Disc led to high-speed, efficient, sharp and uniform cutting of any metal or non-metal item, make your sanding job very exciting by offering uniform rotating motion regardless of curved surfaces.

The high pressure sensitive adhesive backing feature allows it to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. No screws or heat required to use the adhesive, you can replace or set the orbital sander pads without any hassle.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

POWERTEC 110260 Sanding Disc is designed with very decent grit and adhesive backing which has high heat resistant power. Like other products, this sanding disc also has a downside but not very terrific.

This sanding disc does not offer any hole’s dust extraction. Dust may be the loaded side of the workpiece that may create health hazards. But you should use goggles on your eye when sanding with it. You have to take protective measures to keep your hand away from this risky sanding device.

To overcome this downside, you should clean the dust frequently to operate in a safe environment. Hope that you will enjoy this sanding pads.

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