Gerber 22-01471 Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber 22-01471 Suspension Multi-Plier

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The Gerber suspension multi tool is designed to tackle jobs in just about every situation. This Gerber suspension is tough, sturdy and easy to handle. We have experienced Gerber suspension multi tool in use for years, so, we know firsthand they are a trusted name and make for long wear and versatility.

The suspension butterfly opening makes the pliers feel better than any other pliers. Another surprise is the locking mechanism on the accessories. When you flip something out, it locks into place to give it better rigidity. It is lightweight, and the belt holster works precisely. The knives are sharp, and the pliers are strong. the pliers have been very handy fixing not only a bicycle, motorcycle part, and countless other things but also the saw, scissors, and other screwdrivers.

This product features a sleek butterfly design, durable stainless-steel construction, safety plus component locking system; affordable multitool packs 11 convenient tools that are really indispensable for your workout. Its blades are very sharp. The entire unit folds down to just over 4 inches long, and it comes with a Velcro closing belt pouch. Unlike many other similar products, this has the perfect number of tools. And, one of the most comfort issues is. You can easily deploy the blades without having to open the entire tool. You will get Gerber tools as having Excellent quality and great in hand.

Our Remarks

We have a few negative impressions like Gerber suspension multi tool is bulky when folded up and sometimes pouch’s material is a week. Otherwise, it’s ok and very much handy to work.  This makes a fine gift as an indispensable item to carry in your vehicle in your emergency kit, or with you when hiking, or in your toolbox as a ready go-to tool for common tasks and repairs.

Every aspect of operating this tool is a pleasure and feels premium. We hope you feel better with using this Gerber suspension multi tool than most other Gerber pliers. So, after this review, we highly recommend you for buying this product and getting pleasure for having this multi tool suspension item.

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