Astro 3036 DIY Belt Sander For Efficient Sanding At Home

Astro 3036 DIY Belt Sander For Efficient Sanding At Home

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There was a time when woodworkers or metal worker were used to several conventional techniques for smoothing the uneven surfaces. Time has changed dramatically, and now you have the powerful electric sander such as DIY belt sander to make the relentless task of sanding look nothing.

An air belt sander is a kind of tool every woodworker would love to acquire because it turns the task of sanding woodwork that would take hours, into a quick and simple job. It’s not only carpenters appreciate, and like this power tool, even metal workers find it a very effective tool when they need to smooth rough surfaces and edges or remove welding.

It actually is a powerful alternative to a metal grinder when you are performing metal work, especially on soft metal. You will find a wide range of uses for power sander that you even find the mechanics of using them to make plane edges of parts they have welded onto vehicles. It works fine for any job that requires smooth edges on metal or wood; a DIY belt sander is a perfect tool for that. There is, however, one caution needs to be maintained to first-time users of this powerful tool. Air belt sanders contain very much power in it, and if you are not cautious while using it, it can simply destroy a surface as quickly as it can perfect it.


This Astro 3036 has an expanded pulley space for the new thicker belts. It has got a primary belt strain lever and an insurance watch which is utilized to ensure the administrator and the device also. You will get variable speed control alternative with the greatest speed of 16,000rpm.

The Astro Pneumatic 3036 belt sander with extra belts (#80, #100 and #120) can create necessary belt pressure. The lever features slip resistant handles hold, variable speed control, and Extra pulley space for new thicker straps. The package comes with: 1 - Sanding Belt 80 Grit - 10mm x 330mm, 1 - Sanding Belt 100 Grit - 10mm x 330mm and 1 - Sanding Belt 120 Grit - 10mm x 330mm.


The Astro 3036 is an absolute portable belt sander to have in your tool stash, said one of the clients. He isn't the only one which has a decent reaction to the sander. Most of the users have the same feel that Astro 3036 Air Belt Sander is astounding.

Sanding is done here quickly you can customize the speed, and it doesn't measure much despite the fact that the apparatus is capable. You can customize it in many points and get into tight spots. The belt can be changed here quickly and efficiently. Having compared to other things about the Astro 3036 is that it's exceptionally modest.


Product Dimensions14 x 4.2 x 2.5 inches
Item Model Numbe3036
Weight4 pounds
Size10mm x 330mm
Free Speed16,000rpm
Power source Air powered
Average Air Consumption 4cfm
Air Pressure90psi
Overall Length12.59" (320mm)
Air Inlet1/4"
Our Remarks

Astro 3036 DIY belt sander is an efficient tool that makes the sanding job looks so easy.  For a smaller portion of the work, this hand belt sander is really efficient. This tool makes the wood sanding work really simple for any user. It’s a small tool but works efficiently with metal projects. You can simply rely on this tool to make all the things happen for you. It’s portability and usability simply makes it the best belt sander.

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