Astro Velcro Backing Pad Review

Are you thinking about devising a technique to correct the paints of your car? If you have a black car, making the paint right is necessary after a few days of use. For this purpose, Astro Pneumatic Tool has introduced the car detailing Astro Velcro Backing Pad for the polishing purposes.

Astro Velcro Backing pad provides a quality finish to the curved edges so that you can prepare your car for painting. It also offers excellent edge flexibility. After a long time of use, your car may lose it original appearance and need to clean it for giving a new look. For this reason, Velcro backing pad is always beside you to provide an excellent finish of your car to look new.

The foam and the wools are one of the most attractive components of this Astro Velcro Backing Pad which support smooth finishing and fresh look to the old cars.

01 Astro Velcro Backing Pad Overview

Velcro Backing helps to increase the quality of polishing as it offers the smooth application on the surfaces of your desired car. It also enables you to prepare the car for painting, and it does not matter whether you have rust or excessive dust on the upper side of your car.

Velcro sanding pads are designed with a stronger adhesive that has the heat resistant power and makes the wool adhere to the backing pad tightly. This hook and loop of this product provides a quality backing system and last even for a long time that is very suitable for the heavy application.

This hook and loop sanding pads make grit changes quick and easy to lengthen the life of the abrasive. The foam of velcro backing pad resists the noise or vibration of the sanding machine.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Though the Astro Velcro Backing Pad provides a beautiful finish on the surface of the car through smooth operation and flexibility, there is a silly downside that you should consider to get the maximum advantage worthy for the money you spend on it.

The plate may break off if you place too much pressure on it when attaching the backing pad to the sanding machine. You should take little care when attaching the spindle of the sanders to the thread of the backing pad. Try to avoid to be fast when doing this thing.

Above all Astro, Velcro backing pad is very trustworthy and reliable regarding quality.

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