About Us

We hold firmly. We push gently. We never force the workpiece.

This is how we use a disc sander and bring about the desired finish

Who Are We ?

Sanders Review is our beloved place to talk about the disc sanders we have used and gathered knowledge about. We are a community of both sanding professionals and DIY homeowners who have a wealth of experiences working with a wide variety of woodworking tools. Our friends have genuine skills in using sanders for metal works.

Our Story

Some of us have worked on a large number of projects while others have finished a few with great spirit. We were not always lucky. Some of our projects did not see the light because we could find the right sander for our job. But, that is an old story.

We have built this platform with a few things in mind. We love to talk about sanders that have made it possible for us to create success stories. The entire community has become real familiar with hundreds of tools and contributed to the making of the list of best disc sander reviews which we proudly offer to you, who we consider to be our friends.

Our Mission

You may ask what it is that we want to achieve through this website. A good question, indeed!

Firstly, we care about the appearance of our residences, and so do you. So, you may find it helpful if you have access to the most efficient power tools. Hardly anyone loves to look at a scraggy ceiling or interior wall. You may not feel comfortable having furniture pieces that do not have even, smooth, and shiny surface. Only the finest of sanders can ensure that you with the right skills can ensure a great finish.

With the sufferings and shortcomings of average tools in mind, we put sanders after sanders into use and carefully observed the outcome. Now, we have a lot to let you know. We believe that the insights we have gathered after years of sweat can help you with the discovery of the right type of sander you need for your woodworking project or metal workshop.

The ultimate goal is to have you among us as another example of a happy DIY individual with enthusiasm to sand and finish workpieces and help people looking forward to the same.

Best Disc Sanders For Sanding In 2018